It’s Finally Out There: John McAfee Wanted For Murder

This story or series of stories is so out there, so hard to comprehend…I don’t even know what to say.

After a day and  a half of swirling rumors all over the island…was McAfee shot?  Did he shoot someone else?  There has been a press release and it is starting to hit the international press.

This is not the first time McAfee has been in the press both in Belize and abroad.

And while I wish I had more information but I don’t.  Sure I saw him around town hanging around with questionable company…but everyone did.

Here are the stories that I have seen…they get kookier as you read on.  It does seem that he is only wanted for questioning and is not a suspect.  Though that line is getting very blurry in the following stories.

The very first story:    Gizmodo (who have been following him quite closely) and there are many more…from Fox News to the Wall Street Journal (or are they the same company these days).

I sure this is only the beginning.

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