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McAfee? Give Up This Game. Here’s A Bit of The Real San Pedro, Belize

The John McAfee situation is international headlines.  It’s just past 6am here in San Pedro and I’ve already watched stories on CNN and ABC’s Good Morning America.  Reporters from around the world seem to be descending on our town and thankfully most seem to be making one thing clear…the is NOT the norm in Belize.  Belizeans are just as baffled as anyone else by McAfee’s insane actions.  Our Prime Minister Dean Barrow called McAfee’s actions “bonkers”.  I could not agree more.  Way to straight talk, Mr. Barrow.This is how I picture him hiding right now.

San Pedro, Belize is a small, tightly knit community on the gorgeous barrier reef that completely relies on tourism.  While McAfee was busy burying himself in the sand, making countless phone calls to any press that would listen to him, apparently watching “RawHide” with his girlfriend (see @joshuadavisnow on Twitter) and acting like a totally selfish prick and egomaniac, here is what I was seeing yesterday.

McAfee?  Give it up.

Mayan sales lady taking a brief nap on a hot day.

And John, how about you hook a lowly blogger up and give me a call?  Or feel free to post on my Facebook page.

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3 thoughts on “McAfee? Give Up This Game. Here’s A Bit of The Real San Pedro, Belize

  1. m!chelle

    My boyfriend and I are from Cleveland, OH and have been planning our trip next month for the past 3 months. We’re already smitten with Ambergris (and the main land) with out even setting foot on the sand yet and can’t WAIT to arrive! Our schedule is jam-PACKED with stuff to do and see and I’m going to be a Nikon shooting FOOL! This guy is a COMPLETE nut job and best not be hiding out under our bed! All kidding aside, we truly enjoy your blog and have gleaned so much information from it.

  2. Erin

    I’ve spent the last few days explaining to people that this story in no way represents the little town we stayed in last January. In fact I’ve tried to emphatically to explain that I’d move there in a heart beat if I thought my husband and I could both get jobs straight away. I really hope this one wackadoodle doesn’t continue to hurt Belize’s reputation. It’s pretty obvious he’s a delusional man trying to live out his own personal Bond/Blow action adventure movie.

    Sigh…dreaming of sandy beaches and warm water with a giant helping of cevich and a giant panty rippa right now.

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