Moon Guide to "Living Abroad in Belize": YOU WON!

About a week ago, I wrote a review of Moon Guide’s Living Abroad in Belize.  An encyclopedia of information  for helping you plan and then make your move to Belize.

I asked for something brief (just a sentence)…about why you love Belize and why you are thinking of moving here.  My top 2 (and remember this blog is ME all me, so I am judge) would receive free copies of the book to help them along with their preparations.

Here are my two winning entries.  Thanks to everyone (I received almost 50 on blog comments and emails) who submitted something.

A little charity, a little romance (she doesn’t need a book but I loved her message) and a little humor.

Mother Nature in Belize says:

I visited Belize in 1980; Ambergris Caye was spectacular! No telephones, no television, no radio. And I dreamed of moving there ever since! I returned in January 2012 to a more connected Belize; still in love with the country and the people. I will be returning in February 2013, for good this time. I will be living in Cayo and be totally off grid – capturing energy from the sun, water from the rain and a spring, and growing my own food – enough for me and enough to share! I will be building Learning Centers in several villages where I will teach sewing to the women so they can have a cottage industry and improve their family’s lives. I will also teach them the Square Foot Gardening method so they can grow enough healthy organic vegetables for their family. I would love to have a reference guide to refer to to help my transition to living abroad. I love your Scoop, Rebecca!

Cath says:

My boyfriend (now and forever husband) went on a biology field trip to British Honduras as a university student in 1977. We hooked up later that year and as a Christmas gift he gave me a beautiful leather satchel with a card that said ‘I will take you to British Honduras someday.’ Someday was about 28 years later. Men! :~)
At that point, I had never been anywhere and I was seriously in awe! …and I fell in love! First with Benque and San Ignacio and then (and now) with San Pedro.
I now own a place in San Pedro and feel extraordinarily fortunate to have found my winter home in Belize.
I don’t need the book so please consider other posters. I look forward to meeting you sometime very soon, Scoop.

And lastly…

Rick says:

Hi Rebecca, I would like to live in Belize and to get a copy of the book of course. Of course we will do something odd like open a winery and an assisted living center. I came close to meeting you at the Lions Bingo. The great adventure begins in Feb.

Best Regards,

Thanks guys.

I hope to see all of you down in Belize soon.  And as always…if you have any questions about anything, feel free to email me at:  [email protected]

Winners…please send your email addresses to so I can get you your prizes!

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