Moon’s Living Abroad in Belize: Review & Free Book Give-Away

A few weeks ago, I was asked to write a review of the Moon Guide’s newest edition of “Living Abroad In Belize” by author Victoria Day-Wilson.  Well…she didn’t ask, the publisher did.   The author owns property on the mainland and has been living in and travelling Belize since 2006.

Will I read it and tell you what I think?   Of course!  I love travel guides and I also happen to live abroad in Belize.  Therefore I am super qualified.  I provided my oh so simple address…Rebecca, General Delivery, San Pedro, Belize and  waited patiently for my free copy.  I read it cover to cover in two days and…here is what I think.

This book is very helpful and informative if you are even thinking of moving to Belize.  Tons of maps, historical information, information on schools, employment, permits, flora and fauna, the food, etiquette (I’m still a bit startled every day when I am called Miss Rebecca), places where expats congregate,  I honestly can’t think of something the author didn’t cover.   Seriously.  And I looked hard.

The food.  Coconut curried conch.  Not your everyday dish outside of Belize.

There is even a large resource section at the end that I’ve already flipped to a few times in the last few weeks:  conversion tables, basic phrases in Spanish, blog listings (I’m in there!), suggested reading and tons of phone listings and addresses.

Things that really stuck out to me?  Ms. Day-Wilson did a really good job of tackling the stickier issues and questions…like not being surprised if you hear the grocer at your local store called “china man” or (more frequently used on the island) “chiney”.  It’s not an insult.  Or straight talk about crime and safety.  Or Belizeans’ views towards foreigners.  I think she was pretty spot on.  And gives you a good idea what to expect.

Beer is delivered by tractor or boat on Ambergris Caye

Part I most enjoyed?  Seeing what life for an expat is like in Cayo for those with a “pioneering spirit” or even Toledo and Punta Gorda, the most remote part of Belize.

The guide is peppered with stories from those who have moved.  Even San Pedro’s did a great write up on her reasons for moving.

Though you will never know what it is like to really live in Belize until you stay for a while (I think it took me a full year of living in San Pedro to really “get it” and I learn something new each week), this book will set you up very nicely.  The personal stories, the amazing amount of history and just the sheer volume of facts and information are all a great place to start.

Are you ready for a garden full of wish willies?

Which leads me to the give-away part!  I have two copies of this edition (cover price $19.99USD) to give away…very exciting.  All I want to see is one sentence about why you are thinking of moving to Belize or, if you are here, why you love it.

Leave your thought in the comments section and I’ll pick two by Wednesday, November 21st to receive a copy of Moon Guide’s “Living Abroad in Belize”.

Oh and look at this!  If you want to buy a copy on because you just can not wait, it’s now $14.99.

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