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Moon’s Living Abroad in Belize: Review & Free Book Give-Away

A few weeks ago, I was asked to write a review of the Moon Guide’s newest edition of “Living Abroad In Belize” by author Victoria Day-Wilson.  Well…she didn’t ask, the publisher did.   The author owns property on the mainland and has been living in and travelling Belize since 2006.

Will I read it and tell you what I think?   Of course!  I love travel guides and I also happen to live abroad in Belize.  Therefore I am super qualified.  I provided my oh so simple address…Rebecca, General Delivery, San Pedro, Belize and  waited patiently for my free copy.  I read it cover to cover in two days and…here is what I think.

This book is very helpful and informative if you are even thinking of moving to Belize.  Tons of maps, historical information, information on schools, employment, permits, flora and fauna, the food, etiquette (I’m still a bit startled every day when I am called Miss Rebecca), places where expats congregate,  I honestly can’t think of something the author didn’t cover.   Seriously.  And I looked hard.

The food.  Coconut curried conch.  Not your everyday dish outside of Belize.

There is even a large resource section at the end that I’ve already flipped to a few times in the last few weeks:  conversion tables, basic phrases in Spanish, blog listings (I’m in there!), suggested reading and tons of phone listings and addresses.

Things that really stuck out to me?  Ms. Day-Wilson did a really good job of tackling the stickier issues and questions…like not being surprised if you hear the grocer at your local store called “china man” or (more frequently used on the island) “chiney”.  It’s not an insult.  Or straight talk about crime and safety.  Or Belizeans’ views towards foreigners.  I think she was pretty spot on.  And gives you a good idea what to expect.

Beer is delivered by tractor or boat on Ambergris Caye

Part I most enjoyed?  Seeing what life for an expat is like in Cayo for those with a “pioneering spirit” or even Toledo and Punta Gorda, the most remote part of Belize.

The guide is peppered with stories from those who have moved.  Even San Pedro’s did a great write up on her reasons for moving.

Though you will never know what it is like to really live in Belize until you stay for a while (I think it took me a full year of living in San Pedro to really “get it” and I learn something new each week), this book will set you up very nicely.  The personal stories, the amazing amount of history and just the sheer volume of facts and information are all a great place to start.

Are you ready for a garden full of wish willies?

Which leads me to the give-away part!  I have two copies of this edition (cover price $19.99USD) to give away…very exciting.  All I want to see is one sentence about why you are thinking of moving to Belize or, if you are here, why you love it.

Leave your thought in the comments section and I’ll pick two by Wednesday, November 21st to receive a copy of Moon Guide’s “Living Abroad in Belize”.

Oh and look at this!  If you want to buy a copy on because you just can not wait, it’s now $14.99.

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22 thoughts on “Moon’s Living Abroad in Belize: Review & Free Book Give-Away

  1. Sun and Fun

    My husband found San Pedro on Google Earth, we checked it out August 2012, bought a house on the beach and now we are trying to figure it all out. Thanks to Scoop and Amanda we are updated daily via Facebook on all the happenings and thanks to Lydia,s book we are finding out more. We would love to read and learn from Victoria as well. Thank you for the consideration.

  2. Mother Nature in Belize

    I visited Belize in 1980; Ambergris Caye was spectacular! No telephones, no television, no radio. And I dreamed of moving there ever since! I returned in January 2012 to a more connected Belize; still in love with the country and the people. I will be returning in February 2013, for good this time. I will be living in Cayo and be totally off grid – capturing energy from the sun, water from the rain and a spring, and growing my own food – enough for me and enough to share! I will be building Learning Centers in several villages where I will teach sewing to the women so they can have a cottage industry and improve their family’s lives. I will also teach them the Square Foot Gardening method so thsy can vrow enough healthy organic vegetables for their family. I would love to have a refedence guide to refer to to help my transition to living abroad. I love your Scoop, Rebecca!

  3. Gr8Escape

    My husband and I have recently committed to retire some place within or with fairly easy access to the Caribbean. I am very interested in Central America with a strong focus on Belize. We are currently planning several trips to the area plus gathering info on what it would take to move somewhere and this book would just help the process.
    Thanks for the consideration and for sharing your blog with us all.

  4. Susan Kilmer

    I will be visiting Belize for the first time next summer and my plan is to retire there. As a single woman for the last 17 years, I cannot afford to retire in CA where I live now. I am in the process of transitioning from being a banker (for the last 33 years) to being a copywriter so I can write from my beach in Belize. I can use all of the guidance I can get in making this big life change on my own. Thanks!

  5. kent

    My wife(Terri 29 again!), son(Josh 11) and I(Ken 50)want to live in Belize someday soon because I have retired early & will soon be spending quality time with them in a warm tropical setting where English is spoken. We presently live high on a mountain in Gatlinburg Tn. Hurry! we need that book because it’s getting cooler, again! See you soon! Ken

  6. joey bratt

    I plan on retiring to AC in the next couple years. My favorite place in the world. Trying to get some friends to join me 😉 Expats congregate where? Will be visiting San Pedro this winter, that would help to know.

  7. Annabanana

    We are building a home in an eco-community in Western Belize because we want our son to grow up connected to the land, appreciative of all he has and all who have contributed to his livelihood, with a sense of history and of well-thought-out development, and most important – to live with RELATIONSHIPS being the center of our world, not STUFF.

  8. Darkwing55

    My wife and I have been entrenched in the monotonous and ultra-fast paced life of the North American Automotive industry for the past 25 years. I have always joked about opening a hot dog stand on the beach in Belize, just to slow my life down. The climate, the people, and the natural surroundings all seem to be how us humans should be able to live. It’s our Utopia. It’s time to get it right and we can’t wait to get down there. If this guide meets your favour (Canadian SP), it must surely be a reference to our dreams. See you soon.

    p.s. – Maybe I’ll sell you a hot dog someday.

  9. Rick R

    Hi Rebecca, I would like to live in Belize and to get a copy of the book of course. Of course we will do something odd like open a winery and an assisted living center. I came close to meeting you at the Lions Bingo. The great adventure begins in Feb.

    Best Regards,

  10. Cath

    My boyfriend (now and forever husband) went on a biology field trip to British Honduras as a university student in 1977. We hooked up later that year and as a Christmas gift he gave me a beautiful leather satchel with a card that said ‘I will take you to British Honduras someday.’ Someday was about 28 years later. Men! :~)
    At that point, I had never been anywhere and I was seriously in awe! …and I fell in love! First with Benque and San Ignacio and then (and now) with San Pedro.
    I now own a place in San Pedro and feel extraordinarily fortunate to have found my winter home in Belize.
    I don’t need the book so please consider other posters. I look forward to meeting you sometime very soon, Scoop.

  11. Ruth Bevan

    My husband and I bought a condo on Ambergris in 2005 hoping for early retirement. We are still working on the future move, have spent a lot of time in San Pedro and love the lifestyle. I have a small reading clinic in Florida and want both Florida and Belize. Who knows what the future may hold??

  12. C.Jack

    My family and I have been traveling to Belize since 2002 on a yearly basis. I LOVE so much about the country….rice n beans, salbutas, stew chicken, fanta pina, mountain streams, blue caribbean, tropical breezes, green jungle, go slow….we’ve been everywhere but Cayo. Toledo is my current favorite, but our visit to San Pedro for the first time this fall was awesome. I am aware that visiting is way different from making your home there, that is why I think I would enjoy the book!

  13. Marcia Sheid

    I have bought my little piece of paradise at Grand Belizean Estates after only a few visits to A/C. I also want to retire in a few years and have gotten a lot of useful information in your blogs. P.S. I left a cache for all your Geocachers, that has not been found yet!

  14. Omaha Dave

    I have a friend who lives in A C that I have been trying to get in touch with and I am hoping the book will help me locate him = his name is John McAfee.

  15. Jim Luntsford

    I want to move to Belize because I love lying beneath swaying palm trees, breathing fresh sea breezes, swimming whenever I pleases, walking on unspoiled beaches, stretching my money as far as it reaches and drinking COLD BEER not French wines & cheeses (Sorry J.B.).

  16. Jody Kelly

    I would love a copy of the book. I am coming to Placencia, Belize for the month of January. Seems to be the perfect book to guide me along.

  17. Jenny

    My husband and I used to like to travel somewhere new each and every vacation… until we went to Belize. We have returned 6 times. It just feels like home. We love to SCUBA and to explore the rain forest.
    We really want to make one of Belize’s Cayes our home some day.

  18. Omar Sar

    I know the book is not for free but it would be a great idea if someone would create free ebooks about Belize one day. I am working on it.

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