Totally Bloggable: Guest Bloggers Needed!

Good morning guys (and it is a GORGEOUS one in Belize),

In a few weeks, I am travelling back to the land of my birth for the first time in over a year and a half.   And while I’ve loved being the YucatanScoop, HondurasScoop, Panama, Costa Rica and ColombiaScoops over the past year or so, NewJerseyScoop just won’t have the same flair.  I fully intend to take pictures and write about some things…maybe a trip to Manhattan or being overwhelmed by the traffic, shopping options and THE COLD, but I also know that many readers will want their tropical fixes.

And so…I ask for some guest blogging help!

I would love to hear from people who live a different life than I do.  Maybe retiring in San Pedro or budgeting to retire in Belize or attending High School in San Pedro or opening your business in San Pedro.  Or a Belizean who has moved out of Belize and the transition (would LOVE that).  Or I’d love to have a blogger from the mainland let me know about her life there.  Or something simple that I rarely do, like a walk up north or going diving.  Or a day in your life.  Or pictures of your neighborhood.  Trust me I KNOW, you don’t need to be a great writer.

Or something lots of people could write about:  why I moved to Belize or why I want to move to Belize or my wedding in Belize or my first trip to Belize or how I bought a house in Belize & what I would have done differently or…well…you get the picture.

Your favorite bar?  Your favorite restaurant?  Your trip to Orange Walk?  How you chose schools for your kids on the island?  Now I am rambling.

But I would also love someone who just wants to go out and take pictures of a party or a new restaurant opening or a family BBQ.  It’s super fun playing Scooperazzi.

What can I offer you in return?  Fame?  Fortune?  Maybe one day.  A postcard, certainly.  And you would also have is my undying gratitude and 1300-1800 viewers a day that will read your stuff and hopefully get you or your business or your blog some exposure.

Let me know what you think.

I will be gone from November 20th through December 5th.  Email me, Rebecca, at [email protected] with any ideas!

And one note.  Friends from China, I appreciate all your offers to test out your LED lights or computer software or phone jacks or whatever and write about them, but it’s not going to happen.  So you can stop sending me those message.

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