A Beautiful Day and One of the Island’s Best Ceviches

The weather right now is gorgeous…warm and sunny with a good cool breeze.  And what may be even more gorgeous?  We can expect sunny clear skies for…oh…maybe the next 4 to 6 months.  Not every single day.  But pretty close.I took a walk up to the humane society and passed Banyan Bay.

And a man looking to net catch some fish…he can see him south of town pretty much every day of the week.  Good tan.

When I returned home it was getting a bit late in the afternoon and, as usual, my kitchen contains very few edible items.  Yesterday might have been an all time low.  For all of you who have watched the cooking show “Chopped”, I challenge you to design a meal with these items:  dry oats, black olives, protein powder and 14 liters of Sprite Zero.

Get back to me on that one.  I am pretty lucky to have some great local restaurants (all within 5 minutes walking distance)  Robin’s Kitchen?  Jerk chicken wouldn’t be ready for an hour.  El Divino at Banana Beach?  No ocean view.  Aha!  Victoria House.

Their bar/restaurant on the beach is such a perfect spot to have a drink or some lunch.  Love a place to serves food continuously in case you forget about it until 3 or 4pm.

Just 1/4 of the menu but it contains my very favorite item.  The lobster ceviche.  (Note:  prices are in US dollars at Victoria House.)

Good view from my seat.

And beautiful Christmas decorations going up at the bar…

And then?  The ceviche arrived.  Mango and red onions, tiny little red pepper pieces and coconut milk and big chunks of lobster.  Easily on my top 3 on the island list.  THIS STUFF IS SO GOOD.

A great appetizer for 2 or even three people or a super hearty lunch.  Really, really delicious.

Not bad for your  local food joint.

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