Christmas Eve Party At Royal Palms, San Pedro, Belize

In San Pedro, Belize, Christmas Day was beautiful.  Gorgeous weather.  Warm and sunny with a nice cooling breeze.  In the afternoon, my condo community had a little get-together.  Everyone brought way too much food and there was even live music.  Here are some pictures.

A super Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you.   It’s been a great year.  Let’s hope 2013 is more of the same for everyone.
Roger with the jello shots.  These things were no joke…plus he had enough for an army.  Pistachio pudding shots with Malibu quickly followed.

I was up all night baking…or at least that is my story.  And I’m sticking with it.

Plenty of food.  PLENTY.

Tull, when not singing, fed from the serious spread.  This is just one of the tables.

Shannon…we didn’t STOP talking about you.

My favorite part of the afternoon.  Tull, the singer/musician, played the 1991 Ridgewood High School classes’  two prom theme songs back to back.  First:  “Wonderful Tonight” – Eric Clapton    Second:  “In Your Eyes” – Peter Gabriel.  Awwww…the late 80s.
The Royal Palms dancers breaking all sorts of Royal Palms rules.
Royal Palms…this is a very good idea.  Let’s make it quarterly.

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