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I’ll Be Home For Christmas…

In fact, I’ll be home a whole lot sooner than that.  I’m at my final destination in the good ole’ United States…my younger brother’s house in Providence, Rhode Island.  The weather has been good for the past two weeks.  Cold but not exceptionally so.I’ve been making due with one pair of jeans from Old Navy ($9USD), two turtlenecks and…well…that’s basically it.

We did have a bit of snow in Providence a few days ago.  More of a pretty dusting than a wintry nightmare.

Here is my bro, his wife and two sons’ house.

Snow around the corner…

Holiday decorating seems to start early…way  early.

We hit the Christmas tree farm yesterday to find a good one.

We were about 20 minutes out of Providence.  It becomes quite rural really quickly.  And pretty foggy.

I won’t bore the crap out of you…particularly those of you (aka ALL OF YOU) that want pictures of sunny Belize…so I’ll cut to the chase.  My brother and his kids Nate and Tommy picked out a good one.

The final choice.  They definitely gravitate towards the fatties.

And then the decorating commenced.  I even had some egg nog.  Forgot how good that stuff is…

Only one more day in the states and then back home to San Pedro (via Cancun, Playa Del Carmen and Chetumal) and my regularly scheduled programming…see you guys all soon.

Now I need to figure out a way to pack Starbuck’s Gingerbread Lattes for the trip.

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8 thoughts on “I’ll Be Home For Christmas…

  1. JaHo

    I used to live in rural Chepachet, RI. Beautiful country!
    Both my husband and I worked in Providence – an easy drive in a small state.
    Thanks for the memories, now get on “home!”

  2. ccreed50

    So funny–I go looking up my fave Belize blog and see Wayland Square! We’re chillin’ in E.Greenwich and looking forward to our warm Belize trip this Jan.

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