Island Academy Does It Again: The 17th Annual Holiday Pageant

The Island Academy put on an amazing Christmas show again!  These kids work amazingly hard to put on a very serious production.  This year’s theme was Christmas lists in today’s world.  Tweeting, IMing, textings Santa…we found out that in the end, he’s all about the old fashioned way.  Santa, apparently, loves a letter straight from the heart.   Awwww…Before the show, the ladies checking out the after-performance baked goods table.

The parents, teachers and administrators  looked GORGEOUS!  Here are Lisa and Wilema.

The huge tent, that was relatively empty when I first arrived, was packed for showtime.  There were lots of people standing to enjoy the show.

Let me take a moment to again moan about my lack of night time photography skills.  Some of these pics are blurry…some are way too dark…sigh.  Maybe a few more years of practice?

Wilema, the school administrator and Lady Dixie Bowen, the founder and the principal gave the opening welcome speeches.

First up?  The school’s youngest students doing some caroling and busting a few dance moves.

The older kids were up next and they put on a serious production…six totally different parts, different costumes, songs and lines.  Impressive.

Parents begging Santa to let them go to the Caribbean for the holidays turned into a big dance number with kids in bathing suits and hula skirts.  The kids going on “elf-chat” to ask Santa for a puppy.  Maybe my very favorite number…

Then Grandpa Fred and Grandma Ester in their velour track suits got on Skype to ask Mrs. Claus to hook them up with “Dance Dance Revolution”.

This brought on the big dance number.  Lots of cute costumes…

Alice played Molly…the little girl who decided not to text or facebook or tweet Santa but to send him a heart felt letter.  That old school method is what finally brought Santa to the stage.  Alice’s voice was amazing.  She did such a perfect job with her solo.

The big finale…

My battery ran out of juice and all the kids and parents rushed to have the delicious turkey dinner at the after party.  Awesome job kids!  Enjoy your 3 weeks Christmas vacation…you guys deserve it.

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