Judging the Christmas Lights of San Pedro: It Ain’t Easy

Each year, our local newspaper, the San Pedro Sun, hits the streets to find some of the best holiday lights and displays around.  I was asked to judge for the second year in a row.Well…let’s be honest…I lobby hard for this job.  It is so much fun.Here is some of what we saw last night.Graniel’s looked beautiful.

Our judging sheet.  Seems like so many categories but by the end of the night, it is so hard to pick.  Do you pick someone who has an amazing display and clearly spent tons of money?  Or something simple and cute?  Oh my…

Next week’s paper will have a full color insert with all of the winners.

Our decorated golf cart caravan readied.  Do you see that giant cooler?

Rum punch.  I am feeling it today.   And by the way, if you heard us caroling way too loudly last night, I apologize!

Okay…enough whining.  Let’s look at the lights.

Thomas Hotel.  I’ve never seen the inside but the outside sure looked great.

Polo came running out to ask us to come back tomorrow.  He still had more lights going up!

I am not religious at all…but I get a bit weepy for a nativity scene.  Old school Christmas.  I love it.

Coral Cable had a great display.

One of my favorite stops was Miss Nelly’s on Middle Street.  Like some sort of stalker, I was peering in the windows…you could see the beautiful tree and decorations.  Do that long enough and you might just get invited in!

Five trees and countless nativity scenes in one house!  Thanks Nelly and Einer…

We headed back to San Pedrito and we swarmed by kids.  They remembered the candy from last year.  I am a sucker in general…but I am DEFINITELY a sucker for the sweet, pretty decorations that lots of people put up on their rented apartments.

Or at their businesses…

I love the colors down here.  Pink lights look so pretty to me.  Particularly on a pink house.

Very VERY fun night.  For the winners and more pictures, check out next week’s San Pedro Sun newspaper.

And for last year’s lights check out this post:  The Holiday Lights of San Pedro 2011.

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