Marching Bands, Carolers and TONS of People Support Duran Family at Wayo’s

On Saturday evening, the beach street in Boca Del Rio was diverted to make way for a fundraising block party at Wayo’s Beach Bar.

A very worthy cause…Hector Duran was killed accidentally just a few months ago while filling scuba tanks.  One exploded in a horrible accident and killed him instantly.  And leaving behind his family of five children.

There were donations from people and businiesses all over town.  Raffles, silent auctions…

Hey look…I won!

There was music of all kinds.  Zac and Tanya on her steel drum…

then a drum corp came marching down the beach from a performance of drums and dancing…

This little drummer boy could really get down.

There were carollers from the Roman Catholic ministry.

And then some older carolers in interesting but festive costume.

Here they are  in their full glory.

With food for sale, drinks, a few Chinese auctions, hundreds of raffle tickets sold, I know they raised a ton of money.  Great job everyone involved!

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