Pressing My Luck in San Pedro: Bingo and The Casino at the Belize Yacht Club

Friday night bingo at the Lions’ Den in San Pedro is always good times.  (Another time that I went:  Bingo at the Lions’ Den.)  It’s always a hugely varied crowd.  Tourists and locals, kids, teenagers, families…not the over 65ers that you usually see when you are in the states.I was there early during the set-up.   Oh wait…that didn’t come until later.

I actually went to meet a friend who has a special little tool for cutting SIM cards.  I got a used IPhone from my sister-in-law and…had no idea that the card it uses is about half the size as the standard SIM cards here.

Enter this little number.  The stapler looking thing not the Belikin.

And voile.

A real Iphone.  Hello 2009 and Angry Birds!

One hour and a few beers (only 3 for $10bzd) later, I was sucked into 6 full rounds of BINGO.  I think everyone at my table won but me.  Standard really.  But hey…it’s for a charity.

On the way home, I wanted to stop off for a quick look at the Belize Yacht Club Casino.  I had heard that it had opened during the week and that they didn’t have a liquor license yet.  Interesting…let’s take a look.  (This picture is from earlier in the week.)

I’m not sure of the official definition of the word “casino”.  But in my mind…my definition…I would have thought there would have been a bit…more.

You are right…it’s easy to look up.   “A public room or building where gambling games are played”.  This new casino does fall into that very broad category.   You walk into one pretty small room that has a bar area, a large front desk, a teller window (only $US allowed) and then maybe 20 slots machines very tightly packed.  You need to squeeze behind some chairs to reach the bathrooms.

I am no casino maven…in fact, I avoid them at all costs but these games seemed pretty old school.  I couldn’t wait for my $10US to run out.  And with a max bet of 10 cents?  It felt like an eternity.

I am happy to report that the bar is open.  No free drinks though.  But I got the remainder of my beer to go and was given a Starbucks look-alike take away cup.  So there is something to smile about.

Perhaps more is coming to the casino…

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