REQUIRED YEARLY ATTENDANCE IN BELIZE: The San Pedro Annual Holiday Lighted Boat Parade

Required.  100%.  This is the best party of the year.  Such a fantastic holiday kick-off, such a fun event for the entire town, such a great atmosphere.  But let me back up a bit…Rasta Claus and Miss San Pedro and her gorgeous shoes.

This year San Pedro hosted its 7th Annual Holiday Light Boat Parade.  (For pictures of the 6th, click here.)  12 or 13 boats lined up, fully lit, at Wayo’s Bar to parade south of town and then back around to end in Central Park.  SAGA Humane Society (with Santa), Casa Picasso, the AIDs Society, the Lions Den and a few others had set up a block party with DJ Habo, plenty of food, treats and drinks, pictures with Santa and lots of lights for the perfect place to watch…

This year was the best ever.  (And I apologize just like I did last year…taking pictures of the moving boats at night is not easy!  But I’ll try to capture how fun this event is…)

These guys were doing flips in front of the dock, turning in a circle faster than I thought a boat could.

The town dock and the beach were packed with kids, couples…

The boats were awesome.  Thank you SO MUCH to the businesses and organizations that decorated.  I can only imagine how much work and money is involved.

Even more amazing is that many of the boats had people in full costume on them. Costumes that you could only see if you were out on a pier and they passed closely.  See the angels?

The guys on the Marley Jean are always up for a party…

While all of this was going on, we were working hard in the park.  Our booth for SAGA featured pictures with Santa or Rasta Claus (you could take you pic but everyone loved the dreads!).  The amazing local wedding photographer, Kay Scott was taking their pictures.  (These amateur ones below are all mine.)

Kids were going crazy…totally nuts.  Here is a picture with his two biggest fans.  Between the other pictures, these two would rush Santa with hugs and to rub his belly.  They were mesmerized.

He had fans of all ages…

The ladies from Changes in Latitudes fully embracing the Caribbean Christmas spirit.


Nicolai of Casa Picasso insisted that the sexy elves join in.  Somebody’s got his 2012 Christmas card picture…

Lots of smiles after comparing their dreading techniques…

Kids all over the park were dressed up super cute…I have never seen so many children in one place.

Her Highness Miss San Pedro, Naiely Puc.  Such a cutie.
Mesmerized.  My heart grew a few sizes last night.  Master Lee’s twins.

We were located right next door to the crew from Casa Picasso who assisted us with plenty of food and tasty beverages.

And on the other side?  DJ Habo played every holiday song in the book.  Here he is with Rebecca…who was in charge of organizing this awesome event.

The winner!  If only I could remember which boat it was…

This event is absolutely amazing.  And though this was only the 7th parade, it feels like something that has been occurring for decades.  Every single person in town…from the babies to the senior citizens were out last night enjoying this holiday kick-off party.  For many kids, it was their first and only meeting with Santa Claus this year…

I am tearing up just typing.  I am officially a giant holiday sap.  But the bottom line is:  PUT THIS ON YOUR CALENDAR FOR 2013.  This boat parade totally rocks.

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  • Jimsenergy

    Thanks for posting all the great Pics! Looks like a great time was had by all!

  • The CBT Belize Bucket list includes; Independence Day, Halloween at Holiday Hotel, and the Boat Parade!

  • Me

    Sept 21st and Boat Parade are the absolute best…most fun. AMAZING days in San Pedro. Get moving on that bucket list! CBT, you would have a BLAST.

    BTW, I hear there is another rib cook-off at Estel’s in the planning stages for February…

  • Sorry we missed it! We totally enjoyed it last year. Great photos and blog!

  • Me

    I hope you guys are having a great time, Emily! I’ve stopped in and said hi to Paisley a few times. JUMPING!

  • BobaLou

    We were too pooped from the night before! So glad we have you to keep us up to date and informed. Great blog and photos! You are the best in my book!

  • Me

    Thanks so much BobALou One and two!