San Pedro Shines Again with LoveFM’s Holiday Season Kick-Off Parade

Wow…you are only just recovering from the Lighted Boat Parade when there is another huge holiday event.  This one solely on land.  Very typical San Pedro…there really is always something going on.

Yesterday at 5pm, the entrants in the LoveFm parade were asked to line up at Wayo’s Beach Bar.  I expected maybe 100 people…and what I found was the whole town.  Seriously.  All the way up to Boca Del Rio Park, float after float, marching bands and drummers, kids in super cute costumes and…Barney.

Getting mobbed by excited kids.

Kids were launching themselves like Angry Birds on to him all along the parade route.  Now I know why they put the padding in those costumes.

SAGA Humane Society was there to get the word out about responsible pet ownership.

With pets…

And this guy up for adoption…his tail did not stop wagging.  So happy to be out and about celebrating Xmas.
Our HARD WORKING manager, Ingrid…
Don’t forget that we have the Cook-Off of Champions this week at Wet Willy’s.  6pm, December 13th.  Hope to see you all there.  And…if anyone would like to volunteer for an hour or two at the event, please let me know!

My buddy Polo…

Okay…let the parade begin!

Santa rode in with the fire department.

The BTB had a very pretty sign.  And I like the picture of topless Santa…

And another fun Santa on the front…wearing flippers!

The Minister Mr. Heredia.

One of my favorite rigs.   Not just because of the lights…

But because of this strange/hilarious angel set-up on the back.  Manned by this super solemn guy in white with a baseball hat.  Perhaps he was told that he was the grim reaper?

And his devilish counterpart who was grinding to the oh-not-so-Christmasy song by Mr Vegas “Bruk it Down“.  Awesome.

Funny to me.  Another great Santa and his elf.

She was so serious!  There goes my heart…growing a few sizes again.

I love parades!

There is no rhyme or reason anymore…I’ll just keep the pictures coming!

Some little Santas did not enjoy their positions behind the big speakers…

Beautiful cart decorations…

Some were not impressed…

So many kids in great costumes.  Mothers around San Pedro (and some crafty fathers) have been very busy little elves.

Even people just watching the parade looked great.  Doubly cute.

A float is nothing without a DJ and huge speakers.  US parades are missing that…

Go Leos!  The junior Lions’ Den members.

This Santa had a few too many eggnogs.

And Snow White ended it…

This parade gets bigger and better each year.  Thanks so much to LoveFM for organizing.  The kids LOVED it.  And with the amount of candy raining down from each truck, I bet they didn’t get to bed until very late last night.


Oh yes…and here is a picture of the face and voice of LoveFM, Rene Villanueva.

And Santa?  It is me, the San Pedro Scoop.  I’ve been pretty good.  Maybe a 7 on a scale of 1 to 10.   All I want this year is to make it through this holiday season.  The events are coming fast and furious!  Oh yes…and lots of avocados.

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