GingerScoop: A Sunset Cruise on the Lady Leslie

As a cold front has hit San Pedro (it is a wopping 68 degrees outside) and I sit here drinking my hot tea with a box of Kleenex, I figured I would reminisce about a fantastic trip I took a few weeks ago (when it was nice and warm).

I was invited to join in on a sunset cruise on the Lady Leslie. Knowing I was in for a treat, I could not resist. The Lady Leslie is a spacious catamaran that is known for it’s delicious food and wonderful service. And the bean bag chairs on the front of the cat, a nice added touch. Most of the passengers I had met before, but here is a couple that “crashed” the party. They fit right in by the end of the trip.

The Lady Leslie is captained by Martin and the skippers are Ricky (son-in-law) and Jody (his son). Here is Jody giving us our instructions for the evening: “Keep your arms and legs inside the boat at all times….drink plenty of rum….and you must have a good time”.

 Yes….the Captain is Martin and a skipper is Ricky….they did not make that up.

I was truly looking forward to the food, as they roll fresh sushi on the cruise! Yes, fresh sushi. But in the meantime, I consumed quite a few horny monkeys. They tend to get me in trouble. What is a horny monkey you ask?

Horny monkey=an amazing mixture of rum punch and panty ripper. Who comes up with these names?

Check out Ricky rolling our fresh sushi.

My mouth was watering just thinking about it. Fresh lobster, rice, seaweed with some sesame seeds and soy sauce! Yummy. And the presentation was just as good as it tasted.

As we cruised south, with some reggae and Kelly McGuire in the background, I did manage to get a few pictures of the sunset.

It was a little cloudy that night, but the sun never fails and it ended up being a gorgeous view from the water. Here is Dan and Theressa enjoying the evening. They own and run Lagniappe Provisioning on the island. Quite an interesting concept.

This guy drank too many horny monkeys, I believe. Don’t worry, there is a head (or bathroom) on the boat.

And Rob tried to blow the conch horn, with little avail. Martin was much more experienced with the horn blowing.

As the horny monkeys set in and we docked back on land, we headed across the street to Sandbar. Located at Sandbar is the new Toucan Jumper Bungy Trampoline. Mainly catering towards children, you can fly high in the air while doing tricks and seeing the ocean from a different view. We did, however, coax one of our friends into strapping in and testing this thing out. Check out Tim flying high on the trampoline. I even outfitted him with the sombrero I had borrowed from the bar. Good times!

If anyone is looking for a great sunset cruise, seriously check out Lady Leslie. Martin will take good care of you. And the Toucan Jumper….a nice added touch to the end of a fun night!

And…as always to find GingerScoop aka Krista…visit her at Crazy Canuck’s!  I think she is always there.

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