2012: An August Hurricane Scare to The End of the World, FINAL PART

I hear you groaning…either because you are sick of this filler recap material (how dare you!) or because it is now almost March 2013 and I’m still reminiscing about 2012.I posted:  Part One from Guanaja, Honduras to A State Fair to Medellin a while ago and then Part Two The Panama Canal to Two Lobsterfests in Belize to Paddling with Whale Sharks.  Those took me through part of August 2012.  Here is part three and the completion of my recap.


Early August gave us a relatively rare hurricane scare.  The town boarded up and liquor sales were banned for one full day (oh the humanity!) and Ernesto passed by with only mild disturbance.

I celebrated the first of the Belizean September holidays “The Battle of St. George’s Caye Day” on St. George’s Caye.  And met this 11 year old kid running his own aquarium.  Very impressive.
In September, I flew to Medellin, Colombia to meet my friends driving from Washington DC to Patagonia.  What an amazing country…one I need to visit again.  Here is Medellin (Part One – Pablo Who? & Part Two – Put This City On Your List)…I could live in this place…
But I had to return to Belize for possibly my favorite holiday, Independence Day.  Few things make me as happy as this parade in San Pedro.  The day was as hot and steamy as ever but somehow that is part of the fun.
October tends to be the slowest month of the year visitor-wise.  We took an opportunity to visit Chetumal, Mexico (land of forbidden fruit like Walmart, McDonald’s, Coronas and Sam’s Club) for a whirlwind shopping trip.  Exhausting.
And then Halloween.  HUGE IN SAN PEDRO.  Both for people
November was about a bit of sailing on the old school Rum Punch II
John McAfee hiding in the sand and tweeting madness…
and then a trip to New Jersey and lots of great guest posts.
Fear not!  I’m almost there!  San Pedro does quite a build-up to Christmas in December…street parades, pagaents…the AWESOME lighted boat parade…
the block party and a visit from Rasta Claus…
Okay…that’s it.  Now I can start 2013 officially.

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