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2012: The Panama Canal to Two Lobsterfests in Belize to Paddling with Whale Sharks off Isla Holbox, Mexico…Good Times, Part Two

Perhaps you have forgotten there would even BE a part two of this post.  There may be a good reason for that…Part One:  From Guanaja to A State Fair to Medellin was written over a month ago.  December 29th to be exact.  How time flies…

Panty Ripper…the unofficial official drink of Belize.

I’ll be back to daily blogging before you know it.  But in the mean time…here are the highlights from my pretty great 2012 living in San Pedro, Belize.   In no way Beyoncé at the Superbowl great..but pretty cool just the same.

I started June by flying into Costa Rica and continuing on to Panama with my friends who are still in the process of driving from Washington DC to Argentina.  Sadly, they are getting pretty close to the end now…

I am in love with Panama City.  Especially the Old Town/Casco Viejo, the Panama canal and the bagels.

I am not above posting a highly clichéd foot in the sand shot.

The old town is under heavy rehabilitation.  I’m guessing a McDonalds will be opening soon.  Now is the time to visit!

June is the month of Lobsterfests in Belize (the season officially kicks off June 15th and ends February 15th).  The big events are in San Pedro, Caye Caulker and Placencia.  In 2012, I made it to two.

San Pedro does a week long series of events that culminate in the huge block party.  Music, tons of food and drink and good times.  Oh the food.  I was lucky enough to get to judge both the lobster dishes and the cocktails.

And here is Caye Caulker…a weekend amazing street party.

One of my other favorite Belize events…local boxing.  In June 2012, Guatemala vs. Belize at the local auditorium.  If you are in town for one of these matches (they happen maybe once or twice a year), it’s a “must attend”.

Very serious Harmouches pre-match.

In July, I visited the mainland and the GORGEOUS Hidden Valley Inn.  A perfect combination of nature and luxury.  You can hike down to the Butterfly Falls…

Or have a fire lit in your beautiful cabin.  Yes…even in July it got a bit chilly at night.  Though not chilly enough for a fire.  I like the option.

I was doubly lucky in July.  My 3 night trip to Tranquility Bay on Ambergris Caye was absolutely perfect.  No firewood needed here.  Just the most beautiful beach I’ve seen on the island.

In August, I took my annual birthday vacation to Mexico (39 if you REALLY must ask).  First we spent a week in Cancun and had one of the highlight experiences of my life…swimming with whale sharks.  I can’t even find the right words to explain how awesome it was.  Read about it…you MUST do it.

That’s me on the right floundering around.

I know I rant about it all the time.  But Tulum has the most magical beaches in the world.

Back home in San Pedro, I feasted on chocolate…Belizean chocolate at the Kakaw/Belize Chocolate factory production center.

DANG this stuff is good.  Particularly the dark chocolate with cocoa nibs or the one with chilies in it.  Just a few months ago, they opened a shop in town.  An amazing shop.  Stop by and take a look…and a taste or two.  Everyone could use Belize Chocolate Orange Body Butter.  Trust me.

That was just three months of 2013…this post just might last all year!  For the next part, I promise…I won’t wait a full month.

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11 thoughts on “2012: The Panama Canal to Two Lobsterfests in Belize to Paddling with Whale Sharks off Isla Holbox, Mexico…Good Times, Part Two

  1. Allison

    Glad to see you are on your way back to blogging 🙂 I always enjoy reading your blog, but everyone needs a break to refuel and refresh!

  2. Ali Hicks

    Just wanted to congratulate you on your blog – just returned from amazing trip to sanpedro and the scoop really helped us to not miss out on the things we shouldn’t miss! Favourites were Elvis kitchen, Estels and wild mangos. Stayed at the blue tang and dived with chuck snd Robie and highly recommend both to anyone who might ask you. As an English expat in Bermuda I started a blog a couple of years back

  3. Ali Hicks

    … And had to stop due to other commitments so I know how much time is involved and how it can take over. Bermuda is much more conservative and enjoyed the boho nature of life in Amburgris Caye. Eager to return some day and usual never visit the same place twice so that is saying something! I return to Bermuda with the choc shop scrub and body butter – you’re right that place is amazing!!!! If you’re ever looking for guest bloggers just holler!!

  4. Kenny Guinn

    Just returned to Dallas after a week on your beautiful island. Hate that I missed you while there, and hope you’re back soon. Thanks for all the info so I could know what to look for and what to expect from my trip. You nailed it!


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