Believe It or Not: My First Trip to Lazy Croc’s BBQ, the Island Is As Busy as It Gets!

Lazy Croc’s Barbecue on Ambergris Caye has been famous for a few years now.  Residents and visitors to the island RAVE about the food.  A mention of Lazy Croc’s pulled pork sends them into a trance.  And when they closed temporarily in 2012 (with no indication that they would ever re-open), more than one threatened to leave the island.

It’s not just Southern U.S. BBQ that is so loved in San Pedro, it’s this place in particular…it’s almost a cult.

Believe it or not…I had never ever dined here.  But with a friend visiting (which always means an eating-fest) and a lift on a golf cart, it was time to get up there.  And I found out that many had the exact same idea.

As soon as we got on line, about 25 people came in the front gate.

The back patio overlooking the croc pond was already full.

A croc was patiently waiting…

But not for food.  NOT ALLOWED.

My friend and I ordered the Super Sampler.  Billed as enough for 2+…ribs, chicken, pulled pork…

and four sides.  Mmmmm….

This is a SERIOUS amount of food.  My refrigerator is filled with meaty leftovers.  The sides were promptly demolished.  Huge thick slabs of garlic toast.

And underneath?  Meat, meat and more meat.  The pulled pork is divine (super moist) and the ribs fatty and tender.  Delicious.  We didn’t even make it to the chicken.

Be liberal with the mustardy vinegar sweet sauce…not sure what region of the US that recipe is from but it is GOOD.  Cut me some slack, I’m from NJ…I don’t know these things.  Texas Weiners, cheese & gravy fries, Taylor ham, bagels, pastrami and salt water taffy, yes…BBQ, no.

We stopped at the Palapa Bar on our way back down to town and it was equally packed.  This week in February (spring break/Presidents’ Day Week) is one of the busiest of the year.  It’s nice to see a full house everywhere I go.

The parking lot was full.

Inside the bar…

Ivan was working his butt off.  He asked me about a blog post I wrote a few months ago…when I was last at the Palapa Bar and he was showing off his bar tricks.  Here it is.  When you see him, ask him to transfer an egg from one shot glass to another without using his hands.  (Here he is in October 2012…a much quieter time.)

Everyone was having a great time.  A very happy group of visitors.  And why not?  They were partying beneath a San Pedro Scoop postcard.  Can you spot it?  Make sure to borrow the black sharpies from the bartenders and leave your mark.

Lazy Croc’s is located after the Palapa Bar, after Grand Caribe as you drive, bike or walk northward.  They are open Thursday through Sunday 11am to 3pm.  For more information, check out their facebook page – I need to get one of these cute t-shirts.   And please make sure to say hi to your waitress Ellen for me (one of my favorite people) and the chef, Chap (not a bad guy either).

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