DJ’s Seaside Bar and Restaurant: Is It Really the Best Burger in Town?

Update:  DJ’s Seaside Bar sadly closed…a long time ago.  I miss the burger.

There has been a ton of hype about the newly relocated DJ’s Restaurant for the past few months.  I have been instructed by what seems like countless people to try “the best burger in Belize”.  I do love a burger. Yesterday, my first full day back on the island, seemed like the perfect time to weigh in. Glitter always gets you points on my scorecard.

Owned by partners, the newly relocated restaurant sits right on the beach overlooking Boca Del Rio Park.  They have a long oval bar…my favorite kind.  So you can sit and chat with the whole drinking group.

Meet DJ, the chef and burger creator and original owner (I practically forced the poor guy to pose for a picture after hours and hours of cooking)…

And Drew his new partner and Cross Fit enthuisast.  I had no idea what Cross Fit is…but he is glad to explain and it sounds like very serious fitness business.  Terms like “Olympic style training” and “clean and jerk” didn’t clarify things much for me but it must work.  He certainly doesn’t look like he spends his days eating double cheese burgers and sipping Belikins…yet.

Nice glasses.

We arrived right in time for Happy Hour and by about 6pm, the place was packed and carts were pulling in and out for pick-ups.  Drew seems to be featured in most of the signage.

Enough blabbing…let’s get to the burgers.  Can it beat my previously named “Best Burger in Town”?  The HUGE and tasty El Divino at Banana Beach offering?  Let’s see.

DJs has a bunch of options…different kinds of cheese, bacon, jalapenos…all on homemade buns, white or wheat.

I tried the Cheesy Cheese burger.  Lettuce, tomato, American cheese and a “block” of fried mozzarella.  Oh my.  You also have your choice of hand cut fries…sweet potato with chipotle mayo or regular with ketchup.

I have to agreed with the crowd.  This thing is DELICIOUS.  But is it better than Banana Beach?

I think the slab of fried mozzarella was actually bigger than the burger.  Perfect ratio for me.

The bun is delicious and clearly home-made, the burger meat fresh and not over-seasoned (for some reason many burgers in town taste like meat loaf) and the fries are really really good.  I love the different topping options.  If you are craving the real deal?  This is it.

I hate to be wishy washy but burger-wise?  I need to declare a tie.  El Divino and DJs are dead even.  But for options?  For ambiance and ocean view?  For the laid back, friendly San Pedro feel that you love?  I need to pick DJs as your new spot for the best burger on the island.

Put DJ’s Seaside Bar & Restaurant on your list of “must visits” for your next trip.


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