Lunch at My Favorite – Wild Mango’s and a Bit of Chocolate

Why does it seem like the whole Facebook world is on a dietary cleanse?  All this talk of it makes me hungry.  Plus, I can think of no better way to celebrate my return to San Pedro than with a lunch at my favorite splurge lunch spot, Wild Mango’s.  The food, the cocktails (order the caiprinha…not on the menu) and smoothies and the atmosphere make it far and away my number one lunch spot.  I always recommend it.

Yesterday was a gorgeous day…our view of some kids playing while their parents finished lunch.

We arrived relatively late (around 2:15pm) and had our pick of tables…which is not always the case.  Lunch in Belize is a pretty strict noon to 1pm affair.

If you haven’t been to Mango’s in a while, during the last slow season, they expanded the deck for more outdoor seating (good) and put a little lounge area inside (very good).

You hardly EVER see this many open chairs.

Blah, blah, blah.  Let’s talk about food.  We ordered the guacamole and chips.  This is NOT avocado season in Belize (in fact, the only time we get avocadoes at the local stands is summer time) so while you think guacamole should be on every plate in town, it’s actually a luxury.

And Mango’s has one of the best guacs.  Along with the yummy condiments that are standard on every table.  (I need to ask Amy, the chef, what the middle one is…some sort of herby hot sauce.  Yum.)

We ordered the Baja Fish Taco wrap (first dish) and the Mongo Mango’s Burrito with shrimp.

The word mongo doesn’t even do it justice.   I placed a spoon on it to help you with the scale.

Half is a very filling lunch.  But right next door to restaurant is a spot that is very hard to skip no matter how stuffed you are.

The Belize Chocolate Company is my new favorite spot in San Pedro.  It’s worth stopping in just for the smell.  For more information, you can read about my first visit there.  Now they have even more cute stuff.   Here are a few pics…what’s not to love?

They have a super cute, nicely A/C-ed seating area so you can sink comfortably into choco-bliss.

Love the t-shirts and the aprons.

We had to pick up a few things to go.

Maybe I’ll start my cleanse next week.


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