Miracles Do Happen: GingerScoop Tastes The New Belizean-Microbrewed Island Time Beer

Last night, GingerScoop attended a tasting of the new beer by Island Time Brewing.  This may not seem like a big deal to those of you who haven’t visited Belize…but for YEARS, the only beer available was Belikin.  YEARS.  It is our national drink.In 2012, after a few years of negotiation, a brewing license was granted to a new microbrewer.  Probably the first in 20 years?  And there is great excitement on the island, in Belize and…I dare say it…the world.Hip hip hooray…Island Time Brewing is out with their new ale!  I can’t wait to see the merchandise.  But enough from me…here is GS’s report.  (AND new addition:  some comments from Steve, the owner of Lola’s Pub at the end with a bit of clarification and detail.)

I was lucky enough to be invited to a “special night” with my friends, Adam and Jackie of Casa Picasso Restaurant on Monday night. I was not told where we were going or what we were about to do. The suspense was killing me…..

And as we pulled up to Lola’s Pub, I realized I was going to be able to taste a beer other than Belikin for the first time in over a year! That’s right! I was one of the few that was about to experience the first taste testing of one of the new concoctions of brew on the island. Island Time Brewing Company, headed by Jeff and Michelle, is the first in Belize to get a license to brew beer other than Belikin.

Wait….a beer other than Belikin available? That may be some of the best news I have heard since arriving here last December. Don’t get me wrong, I love Belikin, but you can only drink so many of them before you are ready for another taste.


The beer that was on tap last night by Island Time Brewing? Their Sunburned Blonde. A perfect medium brown, smooth ale with a 4.2 alcohol content. My first thoughts: it reminded me of home and all of the wonderful breweries that I would frequent often. I was in heaven. Goodbye Lighthouse. Hello SB (Sunburned Blonde).

Garrick, who is heading up the brewing, gave us a detailed description of the Blonde Ale and told us a little bit more of what is to come from Island Time Brewing Company. They are working on a MPA (Mayan Pale Ale) and My Precious Porter. Both sound delicious.


Where will you be able to try these new heavenly concoctions?  As of right now, Lola’s will have Sunburned Blonde on tap. Not sure when it will be available, but I know I will find time to make it into town and maybe play a few games of Jenga while sipping on the delicious brews. They are going to distribute it to a few other locations, although what places, I do not know. Should I plug a few cool beach bars? (hint, hint….ha ha)


As we were enjoying Island Time, we heard the marching band making it’s way down front street. The local band has been doing a lot of fundraising lately. They did a fundraiser last Sunday at Crazy Canucks and I also saw them marching down the beach, playing in front of every resort. They are raising funds to help buy new uniforms. I love the little drummers….too cute. (picture quality not too great, sorry!)

To keep up to date with Island Time Brewing Company, check out their Facebook page.  This is something that you will want to check out.Steve of Lola’s Pub (check them out here on Facebook) comments:Here is a little info for you. Currently the beer is being brewed here on the island. At this point the only confirmed outlet for it is Lola’s but there will be more. This was the first keg to pass customs and the rest of the paperwork. Now that the hoops have been jumped they will be ramping up production. As soon as we have it to pour at Lola’s we’ll let you know…won’t be for a couple weeks at least the way it looks. We are very excited about it and

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