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Things I Saw Yesterday from Sands Villas to Buying a Bar Stool So Everybody Knows Your Name

Yesterday the high winds continued much to the dismay of divers…but to the delight of wind surfers.  I saw quite a few ripping around in the afternoon.Since I am doing neither of those activities, the hot sunny weather seems pretty good to me.

So after dropping my friend off at the airstrip, I took a few pictures.

There are very few bars in town I haven’t visited (not sure I should be bragging about that) but this is one of them.  Directly across from the Maya Island Air, unfortunately at 10am the doors to “Free Kingdom” are dead-bolted.  Wonder how they picked the name?

The walk down the beach by Ramon’s.  Lots of people lounging on the lounge chairs.  The sea is still quite cloudy but that should remedy itself over the next few days as the winds die down and switch directions.

I’ve never been in to a room at Ramon’s but the beach side cabanas do have a fair bit of curb appeal.

The pool at Sands Villas seems to be open though I’m not sure many of the units are.  This building has been under construction (on and off) since I first moved to the Belize Yacht Club in May of 2007.  Would love to hear any feedback from anyone who has stayed there or eaten at the new restaurant on the beach.

There is also a very small casino at the front of the compound.

See how I am trying to get you to do all the work?  Clever.

I stopped by Crazy Canuck’s before my very first yoga class and spotted this new sign.

Based on the happy face with the upright thumb, this sounds good!  Wonder how much extra you need to pay to make sure the stool is free whenever you arrive.  I am sure Krista and Rob are up for negotiation.

There have been a few takers…

Cute!  I am going to start collecting donations for a San Pedro Scoop stool.  Wonder if they can recreate my sunglasses.

Here are a few more of the stools…

Could I be the first non-Canadian?

Today is going to be a hot one.  Enjoy.

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8 thoughts on “Things I Saw Yesterday from Sands Villas to Buying a Bar Stool So Everybody Knows Your Name

  1. Emily

    Don’t know if you’ve been keeping up with the continuing saga of BYC including some commentary on the Sands on a certain local blog that will remain nameless, but it’s quite compelling reading. Tripadvisor even more so.

    Congratulations on going to yoga for the first time! You’d mentioned that it was not your thing before; perhaps you’ve changed your mind now? Or not?

  2. Me

    BYC has been consistent over the years in one thing – it always brings the drama.

    Yoga at Exotic Caye was REALLY good. Not intimidating, relaxing for the most part rather than leaving me a sweaty mess. Tara, the teacher, was really good at understanding everyone’s abilities.

    I’ll be back!

  3. Emily

    Really glad you enjoyed the yoga. Unlike Pilates classes I have taken, yoga is not usually sweaty, but you still get a good workout. I can’t tell you how much more flexible I am since I started over a year ago. It comes slowly, but one day you realize you are doing things you couldn’t do before. Very cool!

  4. Bill Harter

    Scoop- I have been amused enough to donate the cost of the stool. Have I no will power? Apparently not. But you’d better scrounge up some other donations to go toward eviction rights, because I’m planning on sitting there the next time I’m in town. – Bill

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