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A Polish Bi-Plane Lands at Caye Caulker Air Strip

…is a sentence you don’t see often.  Yesterday I spent the afternoon in Caye Caulker…a very nice change of pace from the “big city” of San Pedro.  Only 20 minutes by water taxi, it is a trip I should be (and will be) making much more frequently.  What is not to love about a place that greets me so colorfully and warmly?


I received a tip earlier in the week that a peculiar plane was parked at the small air strip towards the south end of the island.  Why not take a pleasant beach walk down there to check it out?


Pretty cool…I was thinking this huge “Orange Baron” must be from World War II…

IMG_3015-2 IMG_3016-2But this plane is relatively new.  Well…1987 new.  I like a plane that brings it’s own description card.  Makes scooping so much pleasant.

A PZL Antonov An-2 Aircraft made in Poland.


My intense questioning of the staff at both Tropic Air and Maya Island yielded only this:  they think the plane has been here before, they have seen 2 men getting in and out, it arrived on Tuesday…

It was suggested that perhaps I should knock on the door to see if anyone was home.  I did not do that.  Just mentally tallying the amount of fuel this thing needs had my head spinning.

Would love to know more about this plane…let me know if you’ve got the scoop!


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1 thought on “A Polish Bi-Plane Lands at Caye Caulker Air Strip

  1. IanX

    We saw this aircraft on the same landing strip in 2004, so it’s been coming there for a while.

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