DandE’s Frozen Custard Shop in San Pedro, Belize: DON’T Call it Ice Cream

I stopped into DandE’s Frozen Custard and Sorbet Shop yesterday to say hi to my friend (and total nutball in the very best way) Eileen, the co-owner.


She was looking very pretty in pink to celebrate her 19th wedding anniversary to Dan.  You can see him working hard in the back of the shop.  He is the ice cream chef and Eileen is the front man.  Always offering you samples if you haven’t visited before.


They both visited the island as part of a tour to Belize AGES ago, moved here in 1997, bought and ran the San Pedro Sun newspaper for 6 years and then opened this shop when Dan wanted a really good chocolate milkshake.  In her spare time, Eileen was a founding member of the SAGA Humane Society.

Hmmm…makes me want to open a NY deli and bagel shop in San Pedro…but let’s not make this all about me…

Here it is, located on Middle Street near Caramba’s Restaurant.


Look for the sign.


And here are the flavors.


Some classics and some with a more tropical/Belizean flair.  In case you don’t know what soursop is...check out this post.  It’s one funky looking but delicious fruit.

One quick thing:  I had to give Eileen a call this morning to clarify the pronunciation of the name.  Since the “DandE” is smushed together, is it DAN DEE’s (like I’ve been saying for years?) or is it D and E’s.  I’ll leave you hanging (with breath that is baited) to find out the answer.

The shop is filled with fun knick knacks, photos, toys and drawings by kids and adults about how they love DandE’s, love Eileen and Dan and how they love frozen custard.

IMG_2612-2 IMG_2613-2 IMG_2614-2

DandE’s is open each day (except Monday and Tuesday) from 2pm to 10pm…stop in for a cone or a scoop, a taste or a divine hot fudge Sunday and you can find out why the fans have rated it the best restaurant in town.  The Trip Advisor #1 restaurant in San Pedro.

Or stop in to chat with Eileen.  She always has a great story to tell and is very good times.


At Blue Water Grill’s 10th Anniversary Party


And for the record, the OFFICIAL pronunciation is EITHER WAY.  But Eileen and Dan say DAN DEE’s.  You can thank me later.

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