Easter Weekend 2013: Ambergris Caye, Belize Likes to Party

As someone pointed out on Twitter yesterday, Easter Eve is as big as New Year’s Eve here in San Pedro.  After the Good Friday alcohol ban expires at 12:15am Saturday morning, the drinking and binge partying begin.  Water taxis on double duty and planes packed with revelers arrive full on Thursday and Friday, and then Saturday and Sunday are non-stop beach parties, dance contests, live music and DJs, beer promotions and all sorts of late night events.

I can’t…just can’t do the Saturday night parties until 5am (my stilettos, alas, are at the cobbler’s), so I thought I’d stroll into town to check out the day time bash.

Yesterday was a gorgeous day and there were plenty of people on the beaches on the way into town.


Banyan Bay had some speakers and an outside bar.IMG_0960-2

People hanging out on the dock at Ramon’s Village.IMG_0964-2 IMG_0965-2

Some visitors have asked me if it is “too crowded” at this time of year.  These pictures are as crowded as it gets.  The only real crowds are in the very town center…

The Holiday Hotel was setting up outside stages and tents and closing in their outside deck for the night time party.


The first big crowd was at Luna Loca (you might know it as the former Playa Lounge).  It was sponsored by Carib beer and the DJs were good.


IMG_0967-2 IMG_0971-2

A dance contest started up and the girls (and the cell phones) came out…


Five minutes later, the place was packed up.

IMG_0980-2 See how I go to the “front lines” for my duty as a reporter?


Let me take a quick walk around to see the other parties.  Tacklebox was pretty dead (I’m sure that changed at night) but had constructed a strange floating dock off the back deck.

Hopefully your sea legs, after 5 or 6 drinks, when this thing is rocking and it’s dark, are strong.  This dock looked a little bit rickety to me.

IMG_0986-2 IMG_0988-2

***Added at 11am Easter Morning:  Apparently the middle of the back dock (not the floating dock) collapsed with plenty of people on it during the night.  Lots of cell phones lost!***

Lots of kids in Central Park.

IMG_0990-2And a volleyball competition was in full swing.  Here are Jody and Ricky of the Lady Leslie high (well low) fiving.


There was a Carib booth in the park…lots of workers but very few customers. Easter 2013 seems to be the year of Carib beer.,,almost everyone walking on the beach was drinking it.



On my way back home, I had to stop in Luna Loca one more time.  The crowd had doubled…at least.

IMG_0999-2 IMG_1000-2

Continuing on, I witnessed two…well…Easter miracles.  Rarities (when in conjunction) that are akin to spotting Big Foot.

First, I saw people renting Segways.  (This business has been open on the island for at least three years and I’ve seen these things going out one…maybe two other times.)

IMG_1006-2And then…get this…I saw a customer at this bar south of town.  A bar that I pass probably 10 times a week and it has always been empty.  Though in all fairness it has only been open for a few months now.

A customer!  But as I fumbled for my camera.  The couple packed up and left.  You are going to have to take my word for it.

IMG_1007-2Amazing.  It was like spotting Haley’s Comet…or a total eclipse.  I will have to buy a lottery ticket as soon as possible.

Happy Easter everyone!

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