Walking North Ambergris Caye from Costa Maya to Grand Caribe, Part Three

This walk is taking longer to blog about than it was to walk but I took SO many pictures since I have been such an infrequent visitor to these foreign climes.  Part One, I barely budged traveling from Costa Maya Resort (Mile 6.5) to Portofino (Mile 6 North).  Part Two took me from Portofino to Rojo to Los Encantos (Mile 4.5). Let’s get moving.  I passed a very active little dive shop but I didn’t see a name a the resort. IMG_2693-2 Just down the beach is Rendezvous Restaurant and Winery.  The only one on the island. IMG_2696-2 A bit further is Belizean Shores. IMG_2699-2 And then in the lot is a turbo sized construction project teaming with workers.  All of the rebar is almost like a sculpture…almost. IMG_2701-2 IMG_2705-2 And I would imagine this is only the beginning…the pool at the Venezia will be quite impressive.  Huge.  A bit of Venice right here in Belize. IMG_2704-2Next up is Coco Beach with some very impressive pools of their own.  Complete with a rock formation water slide and swim up bar.


Next is one of the most intriguing properties on the island, probably my favorite.  I wrote a post about Essene Way last year.  A wedding chapel?  Lots of concrete angels?  A huge whale that looks like it belongs on a Jersey Shore putt-putt course?  Trust me, it’s interesting stuff.


It’s also housing for quite a few people.  I resisted the urge to walk around…there is a boat to catch.  I passed Captain Morgan’s and then Belizean Cove Estates.  I can see why the TV show “The Bachelor” used this location a few years back.  No bachelorettes lounging about today.


Next up Capricorn Restaurant.  Not time to stop!

IMG_2724-2 IMG_2725-2

Don’t stop now!  Next is El Pescador Lodge and Villas.

IMG_2728-2 IMG_2729-2

Aji Tapas Bar & Restaurant is a very cute spot with some excellent happy hour prices.

IMG_2737-2At this point my feet were starting to hurt.  The Palapa Bar was my original final destination but this dock looked so appealing…


I thought I’d give Coastal Express water taxi a call to have them pick me up here at Grand Caribe.  So I settled down to wait in the sun…

IMG_2746-2And to see if I could take a picture of this guy to make him look naked.


A girl’s got to amuse herself somehow…

The End.

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