Walking North Ambergris Caye from Costa Maya to Grand Caribe, Part Two

In Part One, I told you about a failed attempt at a sea turtle rescue and only about 15 minutes of my 3 hour walk down the coast.  I made it down to Portofino Resort (about 6 miles up the coast).  Time to keep trekking.

And it was really a gorgeous day for a walk.  Warm but not too warm…breezy but not too breezy.  I could not have picked one better.

I passed Casa Layla…more of a pile of dirt right now.  Is Layla the dog in the picture?

IMG_2657-2I passed La Perla and then Xaman ‘Ek/Jambal Jerk Pit Restaurant.  I planned on stopping there for a drink…I’ve been very curious about this establishment for some time…but it was closed.


Next up is Mata Chica Resort…very cute individual pastel cottages with a beautiful beach.  They also have a restaurant there, Mambo, that I have been meaning to try.  Has anyone been?



The beach up in this area sure is pretty.


Right next door is Rojo Lounge…a very cool beach bar and lounge with some very tasty drinks and an amazing view.  This Key Lime drink with graham cracker crumbs around the rim is the best I’ve had on the island…so so good.


Not a bad view from my bar stool…

IMG_1977-2They have one menu at Rojo for lunch, all day and dinner.  I found out AFTER I got home that they do some of the best pizzas on the island…if not the best.  I will need to get back up there very soon.  And that shouldn’t be a problem…I need to get north more often.  How can I be an authority on Ambergris Caye if I just stick to the town?

I ordered some Thai style rice noodles with lots of shrimp, peanuts and chicken.  It turned out to be food for two super hungry people.

The food and the drinks are more expensive than town…but the price seems worth it for this atmosphere.


While I was chowing, the bartenders were preparing for the arrival of two guests at Casa Azul.  Giant mango mojitos, cool white washclothes…this is VIP.  I was hoping for Rihanna again but…it was just a young couple.  A lucky young couple in for a seriously amazing vacation.


Speaking of stars, seems like Peter Facinelli (for all you Twilight fanatics out there) is somewhere in Belize right now (he’s been doing a bit of tweeting).  Must be scooperazzi ready at any moment.  Though I’m guessing he and I don’t hang in the same circles.  (More about Peter at the end of this post.)

After lunch, I kept moving.


And next, John McAfee’s house.  With a very low fence surrounding it and cheesy mural by the pool, there are definitely people there.  Maybe the new owners?


Really a gorgeous day.


Next up was Sundiver, a place I’ve actually visited before to see the Garifuna Collective.  They have a very nice little beach palapa bar.  Just listening to the very short little video clip at the end of the post makes me happy.  Can’t wait for them to come back.

Next some private rental villas called Los Encantos…


and Indigo Beach Homes (which I have also visited before) and then some very cute private houses.


At this point, I cheated a bit when some friends drove by and gave me a little ride.  Just about 1/4 of a mile over seem pretty open area.  All this time and I don’t feel much closer to the dock at Grand Caribe…

IMG_2746-2 IMG_2747-2

Until next time.

Via Facebook, I have tracked Peter down…well…not me.  A reader’s (Melissa) friend Patricia sat next to him on the airplane on his way down.  Here he is at Belize International Airport waiting for his next plane.  Alas…he is in Placencia at Turtle Inn.  Our paths will not cross.Reader

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