St. Patrick’s Day in San Pedro: A Brief but Colorful Retrospective

I would not call St. Patrick’s Day a very Belizean holiday but the town of San Pedro is quick to embrace any day that is devoted to partying…and yesterday was no different.

We started off the day at Crazy Canuck’s to make sure that our ensembles were correct (plenty of green, not too much orange and, apparently, one 70s porn star moustache is needed.)  Who knew?  Not me…I am not one bit Irish.


Krista was FULLY leprecaun-ed out.  Green eyebrows actually suit her.  And she is one of the very few on the island with proper ginger hair.


Next stop was Lola’s Pub to try the new beers that Island Time Brewing is…well…brewing.  Bitter Irish Ale and Bullet Tree Brew.

The bar looked amazing.  Very Irish pub with all the Guinness balloons and decorations.  You maybe be thinking that it looked pretty empty but please keep in mind that this was about 11am.


Here is Trevor pouring a bit of the craft beer…


Both were dark beers.  I liked the Irish type but wasn’t a huge fan of the Bullet Tree…it had a woody taste.  A strange mouth feel.  But the crowd was very split on which they preferred.


But just the slogan “It’s not Belikin” should have this brew selling out each and every day.  Not that I don’t like our native beer…I love Belikin…but variety is oh so welcome.

The Irish Society of Belize filtered in.  All 8 members.  Please join the facebook page to follow all of the news and updates.



Jackie kept busy raising funds for the society by painting shamrocks on cheeks for donations.  Trevor opted for the prison tattoo shamrock.  Bad ass.


One last photo before heading out.


No time to waste, the Society headed to Coco Loco’s Bar just across the bridge where free shots of Jameson were promised if you could prove your were wearing green undergarments.  Must be an old Irish tradition…

Nicolai (CLEARLY Irish with a name like that) added his own additional step by removing his pants completely for the drink.


Warning:  the gratuitous disrobing only gets worse from here!

Here is our very happy group shot as we left Coco Loco’s…photo taken by Ms. Cheryl Taylor Bowen of the equally prestigious non-Belikin Bowens.

Group ShotNow I was getting dangerous late for my fill-in gig at Canuck’s as beach bar girl. The real beer server wasn’t feeling well…TO WORK!

Canuck’s was hoping…and the band sounded great.  But it was difficult to take photos from my post.  I was able to take some time to consume a huge plate of corned beef and veggies.  And I got multiple tips about bending over to show cleavage for extra cash.  Ick.  I had my own tips for these guys in their retirement years…but I kept them to myself.

As the sun went down, I stopped by Pedro’s Inn for one last hurrah.

Oh my…

IMG_3102-2 IMG_3103-2

I think that means it’s bed time.  How can this possibly be topped for next year?  I almost shudder to think…

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