An Inaugural Ceremony: Tropic Air Begins Flying From Belize to Cancun, Mexico

Yesterday I snagged an invitation for a ribbon cutting ceremony at Belize International Airport.  Tropic Air, the largest Belizean airline, was kicking off their long awaited flight from Belize City to Cancun, Mexico.  This flight completes the “Tropic Air International Trifecta” – now Tropic Air flies to all of our neighboring countries.  Guatemala (Flores – near the famous Tikal Mayan site and Guatemala City), San Pedro Sula, Honduras (check out that gorgeous flight over the southern cayes) and now Mexico.


Usually I would wow you with stunning pictures of the flight from Ambergris Caye to the International Airport on the mainland.  For those who haven’t visited Belize (yet), it’s a flight that you must take.  The perfect way to kick off your trip.  Here’s a picture taken on a nicer, less hazy day.


Once at International, John E. Grief, Tropic’s president, gave a brief speech.  This flight is not new to Tropic…they had flown this route in the 90s.  But due to economics, it was discontinued.  Now, with tourism booming in Belize and more and more visitors arriving from Europe, around Central and South America and all over the world each day, the time for this flight has come.

Those are the customers who can see the real savings in prices, certainly in travelling time and help them avoid (if necessary) the need for a US visa.

Here are just a few of the places that have non-stop flights to Cancun:  Havana, Cuba, Moscow, Russia and Santiago, Chile.  Willkommen to Belize!


There were 3 passengers on this first flight to Cancun…each was thanked personally by Mr. Grief.


4 passengers were booked for the return from Cancun.

Starting yesterday, March 25th, Tropic Air will fly 6 days a week (excluding Saturdays).  The flight leaves Belize City at 11:30am and arrives in Cancun at 1:15pm.  (Actual flying time is estimated to be 1 hour and 20 minutes but you need to add in a bit at this very busy international airport.)

The return flight leaves Cancun at 2:15pm and arrives at Belize City International at 4pm.

Those are all Belize Local times…keep in mind that Cancun is +1 hour right now…in case you have a flight to catch.


The introductory price is $309US round-trip and also includes taxes and fees.

For all the information and for a map of Tropic Air’s destinations, check out their website.

After the ceremony, I hopped on the next flight to San Pedro.  Easy. Thanks Jesse of the San Pedro Daily for hooking me up with my press pass for the morning.  IMG_2044


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