A Serious Walk Around Caye Caulker, Belize and A Killer Jam Session: Part Two

Yesterday I posted the very beginning of my walk around Caye Caulker...about conch breasts, lunch at the Happy Lobster and a new spot.  Shall we continue?  I have about 200 more pictures so I’ll make this as brief as I possibly can!  More pictures, less blabbing.

On my way down to the split (the cut in the island that separates south/town from the must less populated northern side), I passed Caye Caulker’s night club, Oceanside.

IMG_2939-2They have a small burger and hot dog stand on the side.


I think these guys are affiliated with Wade the Gringo’s burgers here on Ambergris Caye.  Yummy burgers, fries and nuggets that taste JUST like McDonald’s…some say better.  If that’s true, why doesn’t this sign say so!  That should be the #1 item on this list.

Just a warning.


Next down the line is the Rainbow Hotel, a popular spot with a sea view and a nice website.


Da Real Macaw…IMG_2942-2

And then around the corner, not on the beach, is a place I never noticed before.  I guess they are being ironic?  Or is it a license to set the cleanliness bar very very low?  Not at all sure about this name…Dirty McNasty’s Hostel.

IMG_2944-2It’s actually a HUGE compound.  With a very big courtyard.  Scummy St. Bedbugs?  Greasy VonToeNailClippings?  Still don’t like it.

IMG_2946-2Back to the main street and a distinctive piece of art.  Love the colors of Caye Caulker.  You can make a donation to keep sponge Bob looking his very best.IMG_2948-2A new Lebanese restaurant has opened on Caye Caulker, Friend’s Restaurant, and it was quite busy.


Don Corleone’s Italian Restaurant has made a name change to Magandon.  A new name that is a combo of the owner’s twins names.


Tickets were being sold for the outdoor cinema.  What a fun idea.  And I absolutely loved Django.


One of the Swallow Caye Patrol boats…the crew that monitors the manatee watches.



Finally down to the Split and the World Famous Lazy Lizard Bar.


What a beautiful view from your bar stool…or from your picnic table in the water.


I didn’t even make it to the Friday Jam Session at Barrier Reef Sports Bar!  Each Friday…music starts between 3pm and 4pm…and this event is GOOD TIMES.  If you can make it out to the sports bar today, grab your triangle or maracas, and DO IT!


It’s the spot to find all the gringos in town…IMG_3045-2

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