The Lagoon Side of Ambergris Caye: Honey, I Swear…I Was Pulling an All Nighter at “The Office”

Over the long Easter weekend, I took a trip to a brand new bar that opened on the lagoon side of Ambergris Caye called “The Office”.  It’s a name used countless times in the states (my hometown in NJ certainly has a bar called the “Office”…or is it “The Library”?)…as in “No hon, really…I was at The Office all night”.  Not sure if it completely works in Belize (where very few people actually work in offices) but, that aside, it’s a pretty cool bar.


Set on the lagoon in a large new palapa, you can sit inside or in a nice beach area with tables, chairs and umbrellas.  I love a bar that you can visit by golf cart or boat.  There aren’t many…Barrel Bar (also on the lagoon is one, check out THAT sunset view) and Palapa Bar, with it’s gorgeous reef view, another.  The view at The Office is pretty special too…


Of the now closed Bayside Bar…IMG_3340_1024x768

And of the restaurant, The Sunset Grill and the condos that have been built right behind it.  They look almost completed…definitely time for a walk over there in the very near future…IMG_3341_1024x768We watched the water taxi pull in…

IMG_3344_1024x768And enjoyed the sunset…something that can really only be done from this side of the island.

IMG_3346_1024x768Buckets of beer were coming out fast and furiously on this Easter Monday.  We ordered beer and some snacks.

IMG_3343_1024x768And, in case you were wondering, there really is Wi-Fi so you can make this your office.  And in case you are also wondering…maimula on the menu above is Horse Conch.  Horse conch is another huge mollusk (similar to the Queen Conch) but, according to my buddies at the Belize Fisheries department, is available all year round.

Queen conch’s season is Sept 30th to July 1st.  BUT REMEMBER, last year, the season was closed 2 months early, on April 24th.  So…each bite of conch could be your last.  Savor it!

To do so, we tried the conch fritters.

IMG_3349_1024x768Small, light and crispy.

Here’s what I like about “The Office”:  The location…the lagoon is definitely your spot to enjoy the sunset in San Pedro.  I really love a bar, also, where you can pull up in a boat.  One day, if I ever have a boat, this will come in handy.

Good crowd, good music.  Almost all locals, bartenders off duty…fun.

The spacious deck over the water with a very wide bar railing.  See above?  You can place your fritters, your bucket of beer, your bag all on the railing.  It’s no balancing act.

Wi-Fi.  I am now that annoying person who likes to check into Facebook and respond to emails while I’m out.  Like I’m some sort of VIP.  THAT GUY.  I’m trying to get better.  Even this new development doesn’t stop me…


But until I get better…I get help, I REALLY like going to places that have Wi-Fi avaiable.

Looking for directions?  If you are coming from town or south of town, turn west at the Tropic Air terminal.  Go straight back until you hit the lagoon and follow the lagoon until you reach the bar.  Easy…and hard to miss.

And stay tuned…I did walk around the lagoon construction area yesterday…pictures coming.

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