Catamaran Sailing to Caye Caulker: My Number One Trip from Ambergris Caye

I have been on so so many catamaran sails from Ambergris Caye to Caye Caulker.

I absolute love them and it’s my most recommended trip.  All my favorite things are combined:  lounging in the sun, eating and drinking of a beautiful catamaran, two snorkel stops to San Pedro’s top sites (Hol Chan and Shark Ray Alley) and two hours on the very welcoming and very photogenic island of Caye Caulker.

You will definitely see turtles, tons of fish, coral and sharks.  You might see giant turtles or a giant turtle sea rescue.  You could see dolphins or a manatee.  You might end up fishing outside the reef and having your catch eaten by a hammerhead shark.   Every one of my 25+ trips has been different.


The Seaduced by Belize boat leaves at about 9am for the half hour sail to Hol Chan Marine Park.  Everyone on the boat went snorkeling and I decided to enjoy the empty boat, lounge and look around…


The Sirena Azul was parked right next to us.


I found a curious product on a shelf and took it upon myself to test it out.   Maybe one of the crew member’s?


This stuff smells delightful so I slathered it on.  But application of this brown, coffee scented grease on top of my earlier careful SPF 50 sunblock coating seems to have negated any and all protection.  My tender décolletage is as red at it’s ever been.  I have aged myself at least 10 years in just one day.


This picture is not me but it seriously could be and accurately reflects the current color of my skin a well as the look on my face when I first glanced into the mirror.

But enough about me…

We next motored for 5 minute over to Shark Ray Alley.  The sharks were teaming yesterday.  Always very cool.  Jump in!


IMG_1324-2The captain Manuel looked on to make sure everyone was safe.

IMG_1333-2We sailed over to Caye Caulker and it was a gorgeous day for lunch at the Rainbow Grill.  Fast service and simple good food.  Also, it’s the only restaurant with a patio over the sea and that helps to keep away bugs.


And then we took a left and headed down to the Split.  (The break in the island where the most popular watering hole, the Lazy Lizard, is located.)

We passed some vendors…

IMG_1343I always love the effort this display takes…so much that I had to take two photos.




Krista and Tonia with tropical sponge Bob.

IMG_1346We stopped at Raggamuffin Tours so my friend Krista could pose.

IMG_1349You’ll definitely want a close up of this one.


We passed a gringo selling shrimp skewers.  He even asked me why I was taking a picture of his sign.   I just like it…and the Belizean flag.


It was an amazing day at the Split…crowded but not too crowded…the water was sparkling and tons of young tourists were sunning on the new dock along the water.

I hate to do this…but I took so many pictures and so many looked pretty good to me so I’m just going to post…well…too many.  It’s a place where somehow a broken down cement sea wall looks gorgeous.


The new dock is very popular…


The view from the second floor of the Lazy Lizard.



The inside of the beach bar…lets call the décor…low key.  But who cares with a view like that!IMG_1361

My feet…and apparently a picture of a happy face with a surgical mask on.  Spotted by Nicolai…can you spot it?IMG_1362

The local kids are out of school and we throwing themselves off the dock oblivious to all the silly touristas all oiled up and frying.IMG_1364

The Rasta Boat parked on the back side of the Split.


A new little ice cream shop just a short distance away is very welcome.  A $3bzd coconut ice cream cone was just what I needed before the sailing back to San Pedro.












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