A Walk Around Caye Caulker – Jam Session at the Sport Bar: The End


This post is getting somewhat ridiculous.  Not only is it now four long parts (the last was A Walk Around Caye Caulker:  Part 3 dated April 11…APRIL 11!) but I was there many months ago.

But rest assured.   I was just in Caye Caulker a few days ago…


and not much has changed.  Just one of the reasons to love this little island.

The last thing to wrap up is the very cool Friday afternoon Jam session at the Barrier Reef Sports Bar located beachside (if you are asking around, everyone just calls it the sports bar).  Look for this gorgeous chalk sign.  It starts at 3pm…ish.


Or this sign which proves that they are indeed a proper sports bar.


It starts off slowly but then people start filling in…bringing instruments, taking turns at the mike, banging sticks…feel free to join in.  I almost did but you won’t believe this…I forgot my cow bell in San Pedro.

Love the wooden floor and wooden bar.

IMG_3037 IMG_3038

There was even a barefooted lady in her Sunday best with a flute!  I was waiting for Jethro Tull but none came.  You can imagine my disappointment.



Good stuff.  My buddy John has a signature song that he wanted to perform.  First a quick pose for  picture…


Oh and another one.  After living on the island for a few years (he now resides on Ambergris Caye), John knows just about everyone.  Please notice the earring in Mandingo’s nipple.



This bar is very cool, the jam session very laid back and the music surprisingly great.  You’ll want to make it over here one (or many) Friday(s)?

Can you dig it?


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