I’m Back in Belize! And Here are A Few Things I Missed

Here is my view of Ambergris Caye and the reef from my Tropic Air flight.


and then the usual Belize weather came back with a beautiful breeze.  Ahhhh…

But my lily white gringo skin smartly recoiled in fear.  You are not at the beach in Rhode Island anymore. 18 degrees latitude is going to require some serious sunblock.


Yesterday on my way to breakfast at Estel’s (aka the best breakfast in town), I passed some kids making sand angels.


The menu,

Nov 11 026-2

the breakfast (especially the flour tortilla) and the view are always things of beauty.


The perfect food and the perfect day for going sailing and snorkeling for the afternoon.  I thought I’d play it safe with SPF 30 and lots of it.


The real snorkeler in our group (I’m more of a floater/paddler) found some pretty amazing stuff snorkeling by the reef near Grand Caribe.  There were only two kayaks there with us.

This guy was trying to crawl away…very slowly.


And this one is a keeper.


A very cool sponge with a strange star fish living in it.



And then this cool sea worm excrement…a combo of mucous and sand.  Felt perfectly smooth.  Just like rubber.


I’m sure you won’t mind if I take a second to toot my own conch shell horn but as a sealife photographer?  I rock.  I only need to have someone else locate the very best creatures and present them to me as I sit in the boat.  National Geographic, you know where to find me.

And on the sail back checking out the “Pamela Ann”…a very pretty boat out of Southport, North Carolina.


I tried with the sunblock, really I did.  But I’ve got some patches are skin that are smarting this morning.  Vitamin D.  Oh well.  It’s good to be back home in Belize.

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