GingerScoop Reports: Sunset Cruising to A Bird Sanctuary

Ambergris Caye, the largest of Belize’s cayes, is surrounded by many MANY more islands.  In fact, there are hundreds of them…most uninhabited.  I’m starting to sound like a guide book so let’s get to it.  I’ve been sitting on Krista’s (aka GingerScoop aka the co-owners of Crazy Canuck’s Bar just south of San Pedro town) post for a few months now…the whole time that I was in Rhode Island.   Here is her super cool trip with Imagine Tours to a bird sanctuary not far from San Pedro.

Sunset cruises are fantastic in San Pedro. Sailing….booze…..good people….beautiful scenery.
However, we got invited to do a sunset cruise with a twist: lagoon side. Lynn and Carl Sawazo run Imagine Tours Belize.
You may have seen their boat called “The Newt” around the island.
I have to say, this may be my new favorite (and unique!) trip. We headed out from Fido’s dock and turned north. Headed under the bridge and back through the lagoon.
It is always neat to see the island from this side…local fisherman, mangroves, simple housing.
Star Island…
The weather was gorgeous.  Once we exited the mangroves, we headed north on the westside of the island. Where was our destination?  The bird sanctuary about 10-12 miles north.
Here is our captain, Carl, and co-captain, Leonard. (SPScoop here…you might remember Leonard from one of the COOLEST things I’ve ever seen on this island during a trip with Seaduced.)
They make the trip enjoyable by serving rum punch and beer and also teaching you about the land and the amazing amount birds that you are about to encounter…..
After a short 20 minute boat ride north, we hit the islands that had so many birds, my jaw dropped. It was becoming dark, so the birds were nestling in for the night. It was a site that you can try to explain, but being there was utter amazement.
IMG_3273-2 IMG_3272-2
With the sun setting in the distance, I could not stop taking pictures.  This is when I wish I was a better photographer with a much higher end camera.  WOW!
Pelicans, White Ibis, Frigates, and Boobie Birds were all around us. Flying in flocks from island to island, some feeding, others sleeping. It felt as if we were part of their world.
You can bring your own music and also your own beverages, if you would rather drink wine (my preference). They will cater the trip to your desires and will also pick you up from almost any dock in San Pedro.

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