The 2013 Costa Maya Beauties Pose for Pets at Fido’s Courtyard

It’s Costa Maya Festival time again in San Pedro. This huge yearly event was started in the early 90s and attracts visitors from around Central America and Belize to the island. My favorite part is always the build up…the week before the all weekend party. The international beauty pageant contestants…the delegates, the beauty ambassadors…one representing each of the Central American countries and Mexico, circulate around the island doing restaurant visits, bar promotions, beach photo shoots, fashion shows, radio and tv interviews and just schmoozing with their fans. Always in 6 inch heels and full make-up.

I love a retro tuxedo t-shirt…especially with no sleeves. If I’ve seen it once, I’ve seen it a thousand times. Sun’s out…guns out.


(Two visitors with 2012 Miss Costa Maya returning to hand over her crown.)

Yesterday, the ladies hit Fido’s for dinner and to support the SAGA Humane Society (website link) by helping with the silent auction, the raffle and by posing for pictures with their admirers.

Here are two SAGA volunteers, Iliana and Lara, selling raffle tickets.


We had a chance to meet our country’s representative. Miss Belize is going to be a contender this year, I know it. Here she is Miss Destinee Arnold with Heather and Kevin, the owners of Feliz Bar.


Sweet and smart girl. She is going to university in California and wants to return to Belize to open an orphanage. Good stuff.

Here’s Jonathan posing with two more of the ladies.


For some reason, getting a picture of my visiting bestie Jamie is one of the high lights of my summer. It is…good times. And the contestants are always super sweet…very sporting about the whole thing.

Where’s Waldo 2013?


And here is that classic pic of Miss New Jersey and the ladies from 2012 at Captain Morgan’s Casino…she had a bit more sun then.

Jamie 2012

And back to Fido’s for 2011’s shot.


And Jamie this year with Mr. San Pedro.


Dennis Wolfe and his band played music all night and kindly MCed for SAGA…


The dancing started. OF COURSE dogs were encouraged to dance as well.


And hopefully, Tippy the Pig was well stuffed.


The night was a success! And all money raised by the photos, the auction, the raffle and donated by Fido’s will go to spaying and neutering animals in town. Remember that it is HIP TO SNIP and that only $50bzd can fix an animal and help control the pet population on Ambergris Caye. Super important.

For more information and to donate money for the cause, check out our humane societies website.

And for those who want to pretend you are some sort of Queen, these banners are displayed in windows all over town.


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