Tickets Sell Out in Record Time at July’s SAGA Summer Salad “Cook” Off!

There was a fantastic turnout last night for the SAGA Humane Society’s monthly fundraising cook-off.  All 65 $10bzd tickets for the tastings sold out in under 15 minutes but those a bit late were more than happy to donate in others ways.  Cute t-shirts were for sale (all proceeds goes to the Humane Society)…

It’s HIP TO SNIP!  (Ellie and her husband…a pretty handsome couple…)


A raffle of donated prizes was well underway…(did you know that just one ticket will buy a cat or dog food for the day?)

Here are Faith and Julie selling tickets.  Hard to say no…



(Thanks SO much to the generous sponsor restaurants who donated gift cards: MELT, Waraguma and El Divino.)

…and the our generous host, Wet Willy’s Smokehouse, was jumping.

IMG_3487-2A lucky couple that got their tickets wait for the salads to line up.


The donated salads arrived.  Perfect for a hot summer night.


Bacon seems liked a common theme.  I like it…

IMG_3486-2Super cutie Alexis, home from summer break at culinary school in California, prepared both a chicken and vegetarian option of his pasta salad offering.

IMG_3491-2The salads arrived…the servers readied…

IMG_3492-2IMG_3493-2Yum.  The beautiful Ingrid, SAGA’s manager, tasting all.

IMG_3496-2Everyone voted and the winners were announced.



3rd place went to our host Wet Willy’s with their BLT Salad.


2nd place to Lone Star Grill with a refreshing watermelon, feta cheese and mint salad.


And the grand prize goes to ALEXIS for his orange Chicken pasta salad!  Congratulations.  Look at all his family that came out to support!  Love it.


IMG_3502 Thanks everyone for attending.  And for more information about SAGA and to make donations for the animals of the island, check out

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