DJ’s Seaside Bar & Restaurant Hosts Viewing Party for Lighthouse Lager’s Big Premiere

A few weeks ago, I attended the Lighthouse Lager Rock Paper Scissor San Pedro tournament at Fido’s.  I had no idea before I arrived that it was going to be filmed and I DEFINITELY did not know that a seriously SERIOUSLY professional TV show was to be produced.

Read about the experience in my previous blog post.


Belikin has released good…no, GREAT stuff before.  The commercial that they put out last year can bring me to tears each time I see it.  I have no idea why the Belize Tourism Board has not grabbed ahold of this and promoted the crap out of it.  Somehow they captured Belize perfectly. From the domino playing by Belize City’s Swing Bridge to the punta dancing at Fido’s…beer or no beer, IT IS STUNNING.  If you haven’t seen it, watch here.  And if you’ve been to Belize before or if you live here, grab a hankie.

IMG_1469Last night many of the competitors re-assembled at DJ’s Seaside Restaurant to watch the final product.   Check out Episode 5 of Rock Paper Scissors.  It is hilarious.  And crazy professionally done by Island Films.  And I now have a huge crush on one of the presenters, Eric Tillett, and want to buy ALL of his books.

Here’s a picture of all competitors at Fido’s in July.


And here is the crew at DJs last night with Ben and Joanna of Island Films on the right.IMG_3655

And some other random pics of the event.  Good times.

IMG_3657 IMG_3654 IMG_3649 IMG_3650 IMG_3651 IMG_3652

And, oh yes…before I forget.   Presenter Eric…if you are single, please drop me a line.


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