Horrific Fire Ravages Ramon’s Village in San Pedro, Belize

Ramon’s Village, one of the oldest resorts on the island of Ambergris Caye, started on fire this evening and burned out of control for over an hour.  The structure is mostly wood and palapa and went up quickly.

I hear from reliable sources that the fire started in the laundry room and the fire department was called.  The fire became out of control before they arrived and the restaurant and most of the resort has burned.

The power in town was out during most of the blaze.  The fire could be seem as far north as 7 miles past the bridge.

No other houses or buildings around Ramon’s have caught fire.

The blaze is now UNDER control and I am hearing that no one was hurt.  I certainly pray that is true.  Here are pictures of the fire.



A propane tank opened…hissing was scary.IMG_3837 IMG_3841 The view from the alley next to Dixie Bowen’s home.IMG_3844

From the road by Island Supermarket.IMG_3845 IMG_3846

People watching.

I will be there early tomorrow morning to report more.  How horrible.

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