Saturday is Market Day in San Ignacio, Belize

San Ignacio is a very pretty town located on the Macal River in Central Belize.  The coral reef and sandy beaches seem thousands of miles away (rather than just about a hundred)…the area is lush, green and peaceful.  Every Saturday is market day and people from all over Cayo come to town to sell and to shop.

We arrived by canoe…


at about 1pm, when things were winding down but there were still tons of fruits and vegetables (about 1/2 the San Pedro price), lots of souvenirs, clothes, food and all sorts of things on display.  Here’s what I saw at the San Ignacio market.

I should have immediately emptied my suitcase and filled it with pineapples.  SO CHEAP!


IMG_1723 IMG_1724 IMG_1721

Lots of spices…

IMG_1722I was tempted to stop for a manicure…we had time.

IMG_1719But our most important mission at the market was to find pants…or trousers as the Brits tend to say.  I think “pants” means underwear over there.  Oh well…

We needed long pants to take the night hike at Chaa Creek and hadn’t even thought to pack them.  In fact, I think that I have actually worn long trousers in Belize about 3 times.  Maybe less…

Luckily, the market has an extensive used clothing area…at least 25 stalls…all around the outer edge.  They have some really good stuff and we stopped at the first one.  I wonder how Mr. Sigafoos army jacket made it to Belize.

IMG_1718Camo is just what we need.  What better way to sneak up on a jaguar in the jungle?  Jamie found a pair right away.

IMG_1716The salesman was extremely helpful…and tried not to laugh at us.

IMG_1717My pants were about 4 sizes too big but it was so hot out, I didn’t want to try on even one more pair. .  Success!  $15bzd very well spent…the night hike later that day was AWESOME.

I like this market.  No hawkers shouting at you, most everyone is helpful and pleasant.  And the produce is gorgeous.  A very pleasant way to spend a hot Saturday afternoon in San Ignacio.






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