My Week Out & About on Ambergris Caye: Gimme Tree Dolla Pork Taco

Last Sunday I posted a bunch of pictures from the previous week of the GORGEOUS weather and the gorgeous food I’ve been eating. I’ve got more… some changes in town, a bit more food, some pictures that I’ve posted on my facebook page and some that I haven’t. The great weather continues… let’s hope it hangs on for the weekend. Not only is it the HUGE Costa Maya Festival in San Pedro but I am headed out to Chaa Creek. Yes, the resort near San Ignacio where PRINCE HARRY stayed when he visited Belize last year. THE PRINCE HARRY.

Here is my post about my trip to meet with Harry. And by “meet” with I mean stand within 10 feet of him on a hot hot night in Cayo.

Perhaps Chaa Creek will let me touch the bed where he slept. Does that sound weird?

I am definitely not leaving to miss Costa Maya. In fact, every time I’ve attended I’ve had a ton of fun. It looks like it will be huge this year… the island should be packed. Even the hotel, Banana Beach, is setting up a Heineken tent in their parking lot to extend the party.


For pictures of the main fair ground, check out these from the San Pedro Sun.

Here’s a fairly random bunch of other pictures from the week.

Some of the weather.




Some pictures that I took on the main road through Boca Del Rio. This large chinned lady/tranny is on the shutters of a very small store.


There are lots of cute little breakfast joints…like this one.


And this little spot that I’ve heard has great jerk chicken. The name is Garifuna for “One Love”. But you knew that already.


And now I get more random…

Kid in a diaper on the back of a golf cart.


A car on the island…a type I have never ever heard from. Are these cars sold in the States?


Sunday morning in San Pedro should always mean Estel’s Dine by the Sea. After years of having 2 sunny side up eggs, potatoes, a flour tortilla and sausage, I switched things up and ordered banana pancakes. THESE ARE TO DIE FOR. The best pancakes I’ve ever had. The only restaurant pancakes I’ve ever finished. Cakey and moist…they are SO SO good.


Sunday then led to a golf cart over the bridge to Coco Locos Bar.

Nicolai on his bike hitching a ride.


The view of the cut while going over the Barry Bowen Bridge.


It’s super popular on the weekend for swimming…it’s Ambergris Caye’s version of Caye Caulker’s Split (pictured here).


To Coco Locos…and their swim up pool bar.



You don’t have to sit in the pool. There are tables and stool on dry land…


And beach bocce ball and lots of other activities.


And back to breakfast. I tried another place for breakfast tacos. The super cheap (2 pork for $1bzd or 3 chicken for $1bzd) delicious quick meal that you can get all over town. They are San Pedro favorites for sure.

My friend took me to try some at this joint on Back Street – La Hora Taco.


And I ordered “tree dolla taco” or $3bzd of pork tacos. Here’s my stack.


These ones are really really tasty. Pork is the best…and these have onion and cabbage and extra cilantro. Super fresh corn tortillas. Just how I like them. Maybe I shouldn’t show you the inside.


While in San Pedro, you really have to try these. This shop sells them until 11am…which will give you some time. Check La Hora Taco out.


I was told never to do this but I will anyway. I apologize for the infrequency of my posts… I am having computer/wordpress problems. And it is KILLING ME. Talk to you very soon from Chaa Creek.

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