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Stormy Skies, Belizean Chocolate and Our New Ghetto Air Conditioner

The weather all week has been incredibly warm and humid.  It’s surprising the difference a few degrees makes.  For the past few days, we have been flirting with the 90 degree mark and even the locals are complaining about the heat.

This morning the first rain clouds have rolled over the island.  Relief!

IMG_3599 IMG_3601

The rain hit on my way home from CrossFit which made it necessary to duck into the Belize Chocolate Factory for a while.  I’m pretty sure that Drew, my CrossFit coach, said something about eating chocolate after a work out…

I can’t remember the exact words he used.  Was it these?


I have gone on and on about how I love Kakaw Chocolate and this shop.  But my friend Jamie loves it that much more.  She wants to go every day.  The chocolate smell…the air conditioner…the new chocolate tea we just discovered that tastes like hot cocoa with a bit of milk and sugar…the delicious buttery buttery chocolate chip cookies..the cutest souvenirs…”the best chocolate shake I’ve ever had”, we can spend some serious time at the chocolate factory.

Here are some pictures…



Chocolate tea and french pressed chocolate coffee.


So after an amazing weekend at the divine lodge at Chaa Creek and a highly civilized tea time at Belize Chocolate Factory (somehow I need to figure out a way to combine these two fave places), I needed to keep it real.  I don’t want to get too big to my britches.

Jamie and I are currently testing a new method – we are both seated about 6 feet in front of this.

IMG_3603-2The verdict is still out…

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4 thoughts on “Stormy Skies, Belizean Chocolate and Our New Ghetto Air Conditioner

  1. Kelly

    The pictures brought me right back to our visit to the Belize Chocolate Company in May – what I wouldn’t do for some of those chocolate chip cookies right now!! Thankfully, there is Noah Boah’s chocolate syrup in the fridge at home…guess that will have to do the trick for today. 🙂

  2. Belize Blog

    Yes…will have to work. Until then…I will eat the sea salt carmels and cookies…maybe the brownies and I’ll try on some Chocolate Mint lip balm ALL for you.

  3. lifeagain

    Yep, i smiled and smiled at the beautful photos and ocean shots and laughed at the air conditioner. And since i grew up in the ghetto/poor in New Jersey we did not have the ice……you would prop the fan at the open door of the freezer and just fake it……cause it never worked. But we had fun imagining we were living large like the people in the suburbs or just hangout at the Cherry Hill Mall from noon until night.

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