Invest 92L Sits Off Ambergris Caye But Not Doing Much Else…

The first real tropical anything (system, wave, hiccup…whatever we want to call it) is currently doing its thing off the coast of Belize.  Wind gusts up to 30mph, moving WNW at 12mph (all on the pic from that I copied just a few minutes ago) but for us in San Pedro?  We are thankfully not seeing very much.

Invest 92L

Last night my view from the Blue Water Grill looked like this…


And this morning at about 6:15am Belize time, it looked like this.


The sun is back there somewhere….and so is the reef.  The water is so flat, that you can hardly see it.


Dark…but I’ve seen thunderstorms much darker than that.  We had some showers last night but not too many.

So let’s all settle in for a rainy day…potentially.  My favorite sites to check daily in the late summer/early fall are:

Wunderground’s Tropical Weather page

The National Hurricane Center

and the US Navy’s Cyclone Information with very specific information and lots of incomprehensible abbreviations and stats that make me feel like a real deal weather forecaster. for some stats about humidity, rainfall and a current oceanview.  Sometimes it’s easier than looking over my balcony.

And it’s always a good heads up to get my hurricane stuff together for this year.  Extra drinking water, one gallon bottles of tap water for showers/toilet flushing if the electricity goes out, candles and batteries for the flash light, some canned food.

This is now my 7th year on the island and knock on wood, all has been relatively fine so far.  In fact my home state of NJ has been hit WAY worse than Belize.

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