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Two Favorites on Ambergris Caye: Ak’Bol Yoga Retreat & Eco Resort and the Belize Chocolate Factory

Favorite #1:  Yesterday I went to the best swimming dock on Ambergris Caye…Ak’Bol Eco Resort about 1 and 1/2 miles north of the bridge.  Each morning, there is a yoga class out on this GORGEOUS dock and though I have never been, I can only imagine the experience is transcendental.


We took the Coastal Express water taxi from Amigos Del Mar dock in town.


It’s a really quick ride…less than 10 minutes.  If you are in town, you can also easily ride a bike to Ak’Bol…it’s only a few miles.

Let me just post my pictures for you.  I didn’t really pick & choose because in my mind, this giant dock with it many levels and perfect sandy bottom swimming area and smooth, cool palapa and beach bar with great food and drinks is just well…perfect.

IMG_1879 IMG_1880 IMG_1882

The view from your bar stool.IMG_1883 IMG_1884 IMG_1887 IMG_1893

Daily yoga schedule.IMG_1894

The Palapa Bar is just a short walk south.  A gorgeous walk on the beach right by an osprey nest.IMG_1895 IMG_1901 IMG_1903

The pool at the resort looks lovely…IMG_1904

And I’ll apologize for the chocolate tease in the title…but this is already too many photos!  I’ll leave you with these previews…


…Belize grown and made chocolate…IMG_3702-2

and tell you about our daily visits (Crossfit and then chocolate) to the Belize Chocolate Factory this week later.  Have a great Sunday.

I will…I’m going swimming with my buddies.





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6 thoughts on “Two Favorites on Ambergris Caye: Ak’Bol Yoga Retreat & Eco Resort and the Belize Chocolate Factory

  1. TarheelBornGal

    Oh, you’re killing me — Ak’Bol yoga was my very very favorite place/experience on the island, and chocolate too! Gorgeous photos!

  2. Belize Blog

    Thanks. I know! Ak’Bol is ridiculously gorgeous. I should be there every day…you were SO lucky to have it so close when you lived at Grand Caribe.

  3. lifeagain

    Your photos are soooooo perfect and appreciated. You might be on to an even newer project path….a writer of Belize and Belize photography, author or something……..get an agent and remember it was me who gave you a nudge.

  4. Kim

    Looks nice, but I still wish the Salamander Hideaway hadn’t closed. Secluded area of the island, the dream vacation to get away from it all … our best vacation EVER. Eco resort, solar powered electricity, no loud music, just the soft tropical breeze and the sound of the ocean waves, lounging on the beach by day, the tropical sun and our toes in the sand, lazing in the hammocks, six course meal in the evenings…. ah Salamander Hideaway is my Zen when I need to get away from reality. Nothing else will ever compare. LOVED AMBERGRIS CAYE.

    1. Mari Stella Corse

      Hi Kim, maybe you want to check out Mayreau Resort, St. Vincent & The Grenadines – Saya Villas, same settings as Salamander, a little bit more luxury, but secluded, perfect relaxing arrangements, same food and the same manager – Hans 🙂

  5. Belize Blog

    Lifeagain…i love your wishful thinking. And Kim…I think Salamander Hideaway is now El Secreto the UBER luxury resort on the island. I am…as always…DYING to get up there!

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