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2013 Independence Day Parade on Ambergris Caye, Part Two: VISIT BELIZE IN SEPTEMBER!

So…Saturday was the big Independence Day parade in San Pedro and it was a beautiful breezy and HOT day.  But then…it is always hot.  I already showed you the pictures of the beginning of the parade in Part One.  Here are the rest…



Could this group look any better?

IMG_3243 IMG_3244 IMG_3245
IMG_3242All parades should featured DJs with dancing groups behind them.  It should be international law.

IMG_3184Do you see how fun it makes things?  These people have been waiting, dancing, roasting for 3 hours at this point.  You’d never know it.

IMG_3247 IMG_3246

And they don’t even mind posing with the photographers on the side lines.IMG_3249 IMG_3186


Next up, the beautiful butterfly crew.


In constant motion…IMG_3191

Beautiful front…IMG_3254 IMG_3255

And back.IMG_3258

What a great job.IMG_3259Coming next, the Garifuna float.

LOVE flag waving.

IMG_3261 IMG_3262

Belize proud.IMG_3250Great music from the Punta Boys.

IMG_3288 IMG_3290 IMG_3291

Next up was some sort of religion group…a big one.  They had a very good rock band…



And were handing out a SERIOUS amount of literature.


Dixie joined in to dance a bit.

IMG_3269Hopefully there way of life does not include holiday sobriety…if so, they might have been playing to the wrong crowd.

The band, lots of pamphlets and a clown!  Here they are posing with my new friends, honeymooners from California, Rebecca and Matthew.   They came to San Pedro specifically to experience the September celebrations!  Smart cookies.


I think I am all out of order now…

And then the Little Dynamic Stars!   I’ll show this picture again…because these guys were oozing cuteness and sequins.


I’ll just keep going…

The Little Angels sponsored by Carlo and Ernie’s Runway Bar and Captain Sharks.  (Let these businesses know you love them for supporting!)


And the marching drum corp.   All business.IMG_3276


The Medical School in San Pedro.

IMG_3207 IMG_3208 IMG_3214Trevor of Wayo’s Bar and Lola’s Pub watching next to me.

Freddie from Traffic.

IMG_3211 IMG_3215 IMG_3217 IMG_3219 IMG_3221 IMG_3222I am WAY out of order right now.  Easy to do…the parade went by me twice!




Love his costume…and look at the socks!IMG_3283


I love that some of the best groups are local stores and businesses.  They should be supported!

IMG_3209What fun.  This parade is always amazing.  And make me love this town even more.  Honestly, if you can make it to the island for this time of the year…you will NOT regret it.

IMG_3227 IMG_3228

See?  Even the boy, probably DYING in that head, is giving me the thumbs up!IMG_3229




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5 thoughts on “2013 Independence Day Parade on Ambergris Caye, Part Two: VISIT BELIZE IN SEPTEMBER!

  1. lifeagain

    Wow. wow, wow. Scoop…….your the real deal. Thanks for all the photos and of the course the descriptive analysis. I enjoyed all of your postings in the past and i always tell you each one progressively is your best…well you have reached the best once again.


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