2013 Independence Day Parade on Ambergris Caye, Part One: VISIT BELIZE IN SEPTEMBER!

I love the month of September in Belize.  LOVE IT.  September 21st in San Pedro is the culmination of the good times…the big JUMP UP parade.  This year’s was as fun as ever.

I can’t get enough…lucky for me?  The parade circled around twice where I was stationed.


Let’s just get right into all of the pictures.  This year I mixed things up and was quite pleased with the results.  Mostly because the parade lines up on the beach…on one of our most gorgeous stretches of beach in the Boca Del Rio Area.

IMG_3130 IMG_3126

Gorgeous gorgeous perfection.IMG_3125

Look at these cuties waiting for the rest of their dance troupe.


I mean SERIOUSLY?  Too much.IMG_3129

Liliana, on the left, is one of my Crossfit instructors.  If I just keep working…


Fantastic costumes and make-up.

IMG_3134 IMG_3136


Go Little Miss ABC Pre-School!

IMG_3139And the super fun sunglasses for the parade…



I love this picture.  IMG_3144


I turned the corner and ran into Miss San Pedro, Solani Graniel, waiting for the start of the parade and for her glittery float to arrive.IMG_3146

Now to the parade and the Red White & Blue.  Another friend from Crossfit.


And Amy from Wild Mangos.IMG_3155


No group looked more patriotic!

IMG_3156Wings Store had some fantastic floats…but they always do a great job.

IMG_3160 IMG_3162

He looks tired and he should be.  He’s getting the work-out of his life.  This costume was held together by Rebar.  HEAVY STUFF.IMG_3163


And voted Best Float in the parade – ABC Pre-school’s group “Shaping up the Future”.

IMG_3232 IMG_3233Let’s keep going…

Next up, the HIV/AIDs Commission…

IMG_3173 IMG_3234 IMG_3178 IMG_3238 IMG_3239 IMG_3240 IMG_3241Look at these faces!  This is not a marching in place kind of event.  Kids and adults are DANCING the whole time.

And if they are not…there is always the clean-up cart at the end of your section to give you just a little rest…


And fear not!  I have PLENTY of pictures left for you.  Plenty.




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