Sun & September Celebrations: There is Still Time to Book Your Ticket!

Belize goes all out for September celebrations.  It’s an awesome mixture of Belizean pride, the local love of a great party and just the newness of it all.  Don’t forget…the country of Belize will be only 32 years old this year.  32!

Yesterday was a gorgeous HOT September day…


And decorations are starting to go up all over town.  If I haven’t mentioned it before, September is my favorite time of the year in Belize.  By far.  If I am every going to have a heart issue, it will be during a September 21st Independence Day parade.

I’ll be a giant cornball right now and just admit it:  My heart almost bursts each year.

For the pictures of past parades, check out the posts below.  Or for why YOU should be here September 21st or for information on September 10th…

The town is getting ready.

The Marin house goes all out for every holiday.  Perfection.

IMG_3907The town was just finishing with their banners.

IMG_3910 IMG_3911

IMG_3905Most stores have the full display of September gear in case you don’t pack what you need.



Carts are ready to go.

IMG_3914Schools are properly decorated…

IMG_3913Many San Pedranos are of Mexican heritage as well and celebrating Mexican independence day too.

IMG_3912Get to the stores like A&R and Caye Supplies as quickly as you can…this stuff sells out quickly.  I already have my red and blue hair extensions, my Belizean flag face stickers…but will it be enough?  This year, I plan to attend the Uniform Parade in San Pedro on September 10th, the Carnival in Belize City on September 14th and the BIG PARADE in San Pedro on September 21st.  I’d better get back out there…

Trust me.  You can’t go overboard.

IMG_2254 IMG_2255 IMG_2256There is STILL time to book your ticket.

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