2013 Halloween in San Pedro, Belize is HUGE Once Again – Plan for Next Year

If you are a fan of Halloween or just amazing parties, San Pedro Belize is the place for you to celebrate the holiday.  As always, the biggest party is at the down town Holiday Hotel and this year, the costumes were as elaborate and creative as ever.  The intermittent rain did not keep the crowds away.

I honestly don’t know why this town is not FLOODED with tourists at the end of October.  It totally should be.  Holiday Hotel is the HUGE party but there are many many more.  Halloween Belize style is the real deal.

My buddy GingerScoop (this time aka Princess Fiona of the Shrek group) attended the big bash and took some amazing pics for me.   Check them out…


Kevin and Krista look amazing.IMG_3823Jackie and Adam of Casa Picasso…a real life Yin and Yang.


Drew and Maggie of DJ’s and Crossfit.

Kid and adult paparazzi line the red carpet on the way in…IMG_3769

Puss and Boots and the Gingerbread man of Shrek.


Wow…I don’t even know what this is but it’s…impressive.

IMG_3772 IMG_3773

Super cool…IMG_3774 IMG_3775

DJ Dzl.  From what I hear, he was fantastic last night.  Looks like he has his 5 hour energy ready to go…IMG_3777


Finn Halliday as one scary clown.IMG_3782 IMG_3785 IMG_3787 IMG_3789 IMG_3788

Day of the Dead…a huge group.IMG_3790


IMG_3803 IMG_3807The owners of Feliz Bar.

IMG_3799IMG_3829 IMG_3794

Peekay from Wings Store had to stand near an outlet at all times.

Bam!  Might be my favorite.IMG_3843

You don’t even need to bring a costume…you can cobble one together here…IMG_3795

Pimp Santa and his Ho?

Coach Liliana from Crossfit as Princess Mermaid Ariel.  Gorgeous.IMG_3813

Smurfs at play.  Tra la la la la la…IMG_3798

I love this picture too.  Parker as…eeek…a sunburn victim?


Black Swam…another great one.IMG_3800

From the Day of the Dead crew…IMG_3801

Tampons…a sunflower…I’m stumped.  Anyone?IMG_3802


IMG_3805 IMG_3808 IMG_3809IMG_3810 IMG_3814

The owners of Coco Locos bar, Steve and Sue, do Canadian winter.  They sprinkled snow flakes whether they went.  Brrrr…..
IMG_3822 IMG_3825

Joanna does an amazing Miley Cyrus.IMG_3827

Pippy Longstocking.IMG_3828

Coconut Leo as…well…Coconut Leo.IMG_3830 IMG_3831




Another one that I need help with…

IMG_3779 IMG_3784

Thanks so much Krista for taking these fantastic pictures for me!  Do I have a great friend or what?IMG_3776

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