Golf On a Private Island in Belize: Caye Chapel

GingerScoop is back in action…and going big!  Or maybe it’s not that expensive…golf just always seems like something for the rich to me.

Here’s a day of golf just minutes from Ambergris Caye or Caye Caulker.  I love all these posts about things I’ve never done!  Caracol, ATM Cave and now golf.  Yeehaw.   It’s all yours Ginger…

A common question we get living here in Belize – where do you golf?  Caye Chapel, of course!


An island dedicated just to 18 holes of peaceful, quiet fairways and greens?  YES PLEASE!

(From SanPedroScoop – I took this picture flying over Caye Chapel on Tropic Air last year.  So you can get a sense of the whole thing…)


A new owner has recently taken over the golfing/resort island and apparently is in the process of making some updates and changes, although much of what we hear is all rumors…  We’ve heard the island was going to become a Four Seasons…we’ve heard a group from the Middle East bought it…  One never REALLY knows.  However, the course is not open daily and in order to play, you must make a phone call in advance in order to allow the caretaker to get the course ready for your arrival.

And how do you arrive on this island, you ask?  To the water taxi we go!  Our group took the 8am water taxi headed to Belize City.  (San Pedro Belize Express is one option.)  Prior to departing, we made a quick pit stop at Lily’s for a few breakfast burritos and some fuel for our day o’ fun.




When purchasing the water taxi ticket, you can buy a roundtrip ticket from San Pedro to Caye Chapel for $50BZ per person. After a short stop at Caye Caulker, the water taxi makes a turn into the docks at Caye Chapel for our quick departure.  And waiting for us at the dock?  Our golf carts for the day!  Wow, what service.


Provided for a day of golf is: 18 holes, a golf cart, clubs, coolers with a few ice cubes, balls and tees. All of this for $75us per golfer.



Not bad, right? And to sign us up and get us going is the caretaker of the entire caye, Evan.

IMG_4120He was fantastic. Gave us each a bag of golf balls and tees, had small coolers already on our carts with some ice and met us at the water taxi with our carts. Every ball you lose on the course (which tends to be quite a few due to the water and swamp hazards) costs $2.50BZ at the end of the day.

We began at the beautiful clubhouse with a fully stocked golf shop and everything.


And the locker room – nothing subpar of amazing.

Club House at Caye Chapel

The clubs are surprisingly in good shape and provide a wide variety of club options for rentals. I was extremely happy with my 3 wood and putter….the two best clubs for me on the day.

Drinks and food are not provided and you want to definitely bring a few snacks and sandwiches for the turn at nine. Plenty of water should also be in your coolers with the beer, as there is not much shade throughout the day.

And the scenery throughout the 18 holes, gorgeous.  Absolutely gorgeous. It was hard to focus on the golf at times.

IMG_4121 IMG_4124 IMG_4125


Check out the beautiful amenities. Pool. Cabanas. Seaside condos. Who knew this was all here?


The course, for the elements of the tropics, is in rather good shape.

IMG_4126 IMG_4132 IMG_4139

The greens can be a little bumpy and the fairways can get rough, but to have the option to play a regulation course in Belize?  I’m not complaining. The 600yd par 5 on 16 was a little depressing on the scorecard, but would I return to attempt it again?   For sure!


Evan will also make arrangements with the water taxi to meet you for your return trip to San Pedro on the 2:15pm boat. It is a quick trip, so make sure to stay on track and don’t miss that water taxi!

IMG_4145 IMG_4150

I feel the need to schedule a golf weekend-seaside cabana, golf for two days, pool time and a grilled steak for dinner. Who’s in?

IMG_4154For an article in Golf Digest about Caye Chapel, click here.

And to see GingerScoop, check out the picture above…I bet you can spot her.  Or visit her in person at her bar, Crazy Canuck’s.


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