Nothing Cuter: Kids, Adults & Pets Dress Up for SAGA’s 10th Annual Halloween Fundraiser

I’ll admit it.  I was worried.  It had been a rainy rainy night and the SAGA Humane Society’s Halloween Bash was set to start at 11am Sunday at BC’s Beach Bar.  For the kids and the pets to dress up and come out, it was going to have to dry up a bit.

And we got lucky.  After a brief but torrential downpour at about noon, the weather dried up a bit.  Thank goodness.  Nothing cuter than a grumpy dog stuffed into a costume.  Nothing.

IMG_4292And from the back.  Talk about crafty!  Little Miss Belizean Newspapers.



Thanks so much to BC’s hosting.  Very fun and money was certainly raised for a fantastic cause.

Bonnie and her dog Pepe (who is the official Lions’ Club mascot), John Kennedy and Margie the witch.

IMG_4207 IMG_4208


Valentino provided the excellent music.IMG_4209And the kids and the dogs provided the cuteness.

Look what you can do with Kool Aid!  I was in awe of this dog.  I’m thinking of attempting with my black and white cat…

IMG_4226 IMG_4220 IMG_4223

Sadie the unicorn.

Biggie the pumpkin.IMG_4247



These cuties had a veritable pack of chihuahuas.  (That’s not an easy work to spell…)IMG_4225 IMG_4228 IMG_4229Poor kid…



Willie and his owner Bob. IMG_4232 IMG_4269

Princess the pumpkin.  Look at her nails!IMG_4235


The rasta dog.IMG_4241There were great raffles throughout the afternoon to raise money and then a costume contest.

Two of the judges, Tamara from the San Pedro Sun and Jan Brown who works tirelessly on the Marco Gonzalez Mayan site on Ambergris Caye.

IMG_4244The contestants waited for their turns…

IMG_4245And to the stage!


I love this zombie chihuahua.  IMG_4253

A pupcake!IMG_4258 IMG_4256 IMG_4273


For more information on the SAGA Humane Society please check their website.  AND to participate in the SAGA Halloween Silent auction with some really amazing donated prizes, please check out the list on the message board or on the SAGA facebook page.  Bids accepted until 6pm October 30th!

What a great time!


And for the pictures of the adult party at the Holiday Hotel, check my last post.  AMAZING costumes.  Just amazing.

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